Red Cone Flower "Babies"

summerstar(Z7VA)June 5, 2014

I planted red cone flowers called "Magnus" and others called "Rubinstern", both great perennials. Ten or so years have passed and for one reason or another, now have cone flowers that must have grown from the seeds of these two hybrids. The flowers from them are smaller and pale pink, or the flower doesn't open and stays green. The leaves are also different---smaller with more jagged edges. They also reseed like crazy. I don't ever remember the hybrid originals reseeding like the seedlings do. Well I decided to replace three of them this year and will continue to replace all of them with the hybrids.

I'm wondering if any of you out there had a similar occurrence? And is this typical in growing cone flowers? Did your hybrid plant create a bunch of seedlings?

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Nevermore44 - 6a

You should probably look up the "asters yellow" virus and how it expresses in echinacea. If you the flower petals are green then you need to pull the plant and trash it immediately before it can spread to other echs or other plants/veggies you may have around.

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This is what im told is asters yellow

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Nevermore: Am I glad you posted this! Some of my echs have also bud centers that are twisted. Not all of the plant is affected, but I'm thinking if it's a virus the whole plant needs to go. Argh! What about the soil it was grown in?? I have to read about this. Thank you.

Do you have an opinion about all the seedlings I've been getting? And about the fact that the flowers are so much smaller and more pale? I've read that hybridized plants don't reseed true to form and wonder if that's true with Red Cone Flower too . . .

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karin_mt(4 MT)

I planted those same two coneflowers and have many healthy seedlings all over the garden. I never could tell Magnus from Rubenstern, and to me all the seedlings look like the parents. Which is to say, they look strong, colorful, and vibrant. I love them.

So I'm not sure what's going on with your seedlings, but I might yank out the weak ones and see if you get some better ones down the road.

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