Are ''estate sales'' what some of us call ''yard sales''?

albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)January 22, 2011

I saw the term "estate sales'' used somewhere near here and the context didn't make good sense. Then I got to wondering if some persons use the term ''estate sale'' for what others among us might call ''yard/garage/tag sale''?

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If I am not mistaken an estate sale is where they are selling EVERYTHING including the property.

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Carolyn is right. They will be selling anything you can see and that can be moved and is not attached to the property. Other than that there should be no restrictions as to what you can purchase. Everything will be left in the home if the sale is conducted on the property. A lot of times these 'estate' sales are conducted off the property at an auction place. Most times the sale is conducted as an auction whether on or off the property. 99% of the time the house is one where people are no linger living there - either they've passed away or there is a foreclosure.

Yard sales and such are when folks just drag out what they no longer use and get rid of it.

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Around here,an Estate Sale,is usually run by expereinced appreaiers,who will price every thing for you,and sell as well, there will be a lady in every room,ready to help you if you need help,jewlery is always under glass,many times, they will only let 10 people in at a time,and you have to have a number, so it is best to get there early.They hope to sell every thing in one day,close to the sale ending, prices drop, but so do the nice things.
That is how it is done around here any way.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Remember that some dealers let their friends in the night before. Estate simply means previously owned. Some dealers will clean out their retail space, stock a house with reproductions and label it as an estate sale.

That being said, enjoy, but be aware of games people play.

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