Four O' Clocks and other questions

woodenzoo(z6 OH)January 28, 2006

Hope someone can help with a few general plant and planting questions.

I've tried searching for info on the 4 o' clocks... Are they a vining plant or a bush? From some of the things I've read, it sounds more like it's a bush than the vining plant I thought it was. Do they need full sun?

Also, what do you think about Lobelia (Crystal Palace) together with Black Prince Pansies in a window box type container that receives morning and afternoon sun? It will be sitting on my front porch railing and I'm going after the trailing over the edge effect... Do you think they'd 'clash'? I'm thinking of getting the box ready to WS them in soon.

Need cheap trellis ideas also for other vining flowers that I've got...

lol I need the weather to co-operate so that I can get back to WS'ing and leave the good WS'ers alone!

Thanks for any info and suggestions!


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In my yard they are more of a bushy plant. You may want to support them. I kinda let them sprawl in front of my hibiscus. Here in zone 7 they reseed supposedly forever. Since I love them I have never tried to eradicate them so I don't know first-hand. I think they end up growing a tuber/rhysome (sp?). Mine bloomed the first year from ws. I love the florescent pink one with lime green foliage. Of course, the yellow with pink streaks is beautiful also. They do prefer sun. Mine have never been picky about soil. For me the seeds were produced late but you will see them when they are ready. I didn't ws mine until late Feb or Mar. They don't start blooming for me until it gets HOT meaning June/July. The blooming last for awhile though. Have fun. Shannon

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woodenzoo(z6 OH)

Thank you Shannon!

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