Hey! Im still here.

tazdevyl1(z6 NJ)January 8, 2007

Im sorry I've been out of touch with you all. Working retail sucks and getting stuck there for 16 hours a couple of nights a week sucked even worse. Needless to say, I pretty much lost everything that hadnt gotten planted out. And that stuff just recently got taken off the deck. So of course on the days I had off, I slept. So after this past weekend where I got screwed AGAIN by inconsiderate jerks, I put my 2 weeks in. And to top it off the new boss is a C word. I cant deal with the stress of it anymore. Plus I physically cant do it anymore, since I threw my back out putting the order away. And guess who STILL winds up doing it?

Christmas was ok, until I left my house. Some moron decided to pull out in front of me and CRASH. Car is totalled. And go figure, a week before this, we JUST replaced the brakes. Luckily, for me, it was entirely his fault. After a week of no car, I kinda went into flip out mode, and finally broke down and got a rental. And next week I am getting a new vehicle.

For those who pay attention to the bunny stories of mine, My aunt had the "incest babies" Ricki Racoon and Frostbite. Well she wound up being allergic to them, and the babies wound up at my cousins. ( I never wanted them there in the first place and she wound up with them by my family going behind my back, which is a whole other story in itself.)

Well she came up around Christmas time, and tells me exactly what I knew was gonna happen. THEY ARE DEAD. Supposedly a snake got them, and their dog. Personally I think Im being fed BS.

Well I think that is it for now. Hopefully I will be around my often now.

With all that being said, anyone wanna help me out with some seeds?? Hee Hee.

I miss you all.


Taz aka Kim

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mrsgalihad(5 CO)

Hi Kim,

Glad to see you back. I'm really sorry about all your troubles. Sorry about the bunnies too. We had something similar happen with some kittens so I can understand what you may be feeling. I have a hard time believing a snake got a full grown rabbit in NJ.

I can help you out with seeds. Send me you address and I'll get a package in the mail.


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tazdevyl1(z6 NJ)

Well a little semi good news here. I have a very good friend, who didnt want me to waste my money on a rental, so he let me borrow his car while he is on vacation. So I have that until at LEAST Tuesday.


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