Hydrogen Peroxide & Damping Off

growitnowFebruary 23, 2006

Hi everyone,

New to germinating seeds, but have read FAQ and various posts on using Hydrogen Peroxide to minimize damping off/fungus.

When and how do you apply it?

Spray on surface only? Water in?

From the moment the seeds are sowed, or only after germination?

Can you water regularly with it and continue until transplant outside?

From posts, I plan to use 1:10 ratio hydrogen peroxide to tap water.

I hope this isn't a horrible sin but I have cross-posted this with the seed growing forum. Some here have been generous in helping me get started with winter sowing, and I know many of you may also sow indoors (which I've also never done before).



zone 7, Virginia

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We don't have damp-off in our outdoors vented wintersown containers. The fresh air and cool temps prevents it. I'll paste in a google search for you to help you with your indoor sowing :-)



Here is a link that might be useful: Google search~ Prenting damp off peroxide.

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ashley_nc(7b NC)

Hi growitnow. This is my first year winter sowing too. I started marigold and cosmos seeds in January, which then I didn't know I should have started later. Because we had such warm weather then my sprouts began damping off. I've not had a problem since the weather finally cooled down but be careful when it warms up. Add more ventilation holes or begin to remove tops so your sprouts don't get the fungus. When I posted my problem folks told me about the hydrogen peroxide solution and I used it. It was too late for most of those sprouts but I saved seed and will be planting more containers this weekend.

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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)

Hi Growitnow,

I sow seeds indoors and I wintersow. I haven't used any peroxide on my WS seeds, however I have recently learned a great deal about using it on the seeds indoors. I had some bad damping off. I mixed 3% hydr. peroxide with water in a 1:10 ratio. I sprayed the surface of the soil and the mold was gone in a matter of hours. I also noticed that the seedlings grew taller and greener over the course of that night. I believe it was from the extra oxygen. I have since then cut the solution to 1:20 and I spray all my indoor trays with it every 2 or 3 days. I haven't had any problems. Some people water with it but I don't think that's necessary. HTH.

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lblack61(z5 NY)

I think this has to be one of the reasons I love WSing so much: No **&$$@@* damp off!

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