pruning of redbud trees

star723April 6, 2011

I planted 2 redbuds last spring just seedlings from the gardenfest from our county. they are both looking well. My hubby wants me to prune them down to one main trunk. I like the look of the many branches, but want a health tree so I am thinking maybe one trunk would be better. I was also told that I could braid the many branches, I think one has 5, to make a interesting look. the limbs are a little bigger than my fingers and maybe 5 feet high. any thoughts?

thanks~ Debbie

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What kind of redbuds are we talking about? Some - like Oklahoma or Texas redbuds - are much more shrubby in form than tree-like and often produce multiple trunks. Doesn't make them any less healthy to leave these in place.

Without a photo, it is difficult to recommend any pruning. And I have never heard of braiding limbs together and I doubt it would be something recommended.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if bloom is possible.. i would not prune until after ...

i would wait about 2 years.. for it to grow a root mass ... before i would start cutting off the energy making leaves ...

by fall [2 growing seasons] ... i might take the lowest couple branches.. after leaf loss ... as i like to walk under my trees.. my ultimate goal is to raise the canopy over the years.. though not all at once ... key word: YEARS

i have no clue about braiding trees ... do you have a link to this idea??


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arktrees(6b NW Arkansas)

I with Ken with the exception I always pruned our Oklahoma Redbud just after flowering. That allows maximum growth for the new growing season, time to set flower buds for next year, and allows us to enjoy the maximum flower show. There's the additional bonus of maximum time for the wound to close, or nearly close before winter.


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thanks~ I got the seedlings at the gardenfest last spring, I cant remember them calling them anything but Redbuds.

I have never heard of braiding them either. But I am new to tree plantings.
I didnt find anything when I looked it up either.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

My neighbor has a redbud which had a rough life when young. His dog just chewed it down every chance. It resprouted and has many trunks all twined up together so I can see where you could weave the shrubby fellow around itself.

Redbuds are neat in structure. Go for whatever shape you want. I can not see a weaved tree being very sturdy in strong wind though if that is a concern.

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