some interesting reading about seeds

duane456February 24, 2006

Here's some interesting stuff about seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: countryside magazine

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Change the spelling of "currant" in the URL, to "current" and you'll get the article.

Here is a link that might be useful: Article

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

This thread might be considered off topic, but it is very important for people to understand what's going on around the world. In many smaller countries, companies like Monsanto have already encouraged governments to pass laws against seed saving. This is devestating to subsistance farmers and to some emtire cultures. For example, Maiz (or corn) has been the staple in the lives of Mexican farmers for thousands of years. Monsanto has planted some of its genetically modified corn, which in turn releases pollen that travels many miles and contaminates the "traditional" corn grown by the farmers. Since Monsanto has a patent on the genetically modified corn, the farmers are now not able to save seeds from their own fields, because it is now genetically modified and tha would be "steeling" from Monsanto. Instead, the farmers have to turn around and buy seed from Monsanto. And worse, the wonderfully diverse varieties of corn that made each region special, are lost. Soon Every farm in Mexico may be growing the identical variety of corn based on what Monsanto Is selling. It's diabolical, IMHO. Innocent farmers turned into criminals because some multinational mega agribusiness bought some land near them because it was cheap. I need to stop. My blood pressure is rising. I do encourage everyone to support companies like Seed Savers Exchange, who are trying to preserve the diverse fruit and vegetable seeds from around the world. And learn how to save your own seed.

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It's definately off-topic, and I apologize for correcting the link.

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)


That's a very interesting article. I wonder if someday all plants and seeds will be affected by something like that. Thanks for posting it.

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No, I don't think its likely. And as hobbyists, and not farmers, we won't be doing a mass collection of seeds--enough to grow fields of plants--so seed saving and trading will continue on for us.

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

Not to look or act or sound like a troll-
But I do wonder if this is really an off topic- I think what this forum is about is as much about planting outdoors in containers in cold(ish) weather- as it is about sharing. Wether it is succes stories, encouragement, support, happy banter or seed/plant knowledge, and we even have an area for seed swapping- which could come under attack (O.K.- not the forum- but the ability to save and share seeds- legally) if we are not imformed and able to protect what we hold dear- our love of gardening and fostering other gardeners with our knowledge and OUR seeds.
Donn- I thank you for your first instinct to correct the link- there is value in that action. I also thank you for all of your valued insight I have learned from during my time here in the WinterSowing Forum-
Over and over again I have been blessed by my association with this forum- and I do hope to continue to share the wealth-

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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

I re-read and corrected and then posted the original link- without corrections-
I wanted to say- "the ability to harvest, save and share our own seeds- legally"- which as I understand is not legally allowed for some patent protected plants, even at the home gardener level here in the U.S. The U.K. has provisions in the law to allow home gardeners more lee-way- so I am told.
As well as the other typos go- I did mean to correct- oh well-
the heart of the message remains the same. I am gratefull to have found such a community- and will continue to share it's spirit where I can.
Thanks to Trudi- and all here-

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singingcrk(z6 KY)

I'm glad this was moved over to Conversations, I would like to hear more about it.

I don't know that it will/can affect all seeds, but it is a definite concern, and where do you draw the line between hobbyist/farmer? I'm definitely a hobbyist, today. But what if I DO want to grow fields full of something, whether it is to grow produce/flowers to sell locally, or to feed livestock?

The whole topic is scary; my only exposure to any information about it has been through seed companies that take a stand on the issue, like Fedco Seeds, and Baker Creek. At first it seemed like something that would only affect commercial growers, but the more I read about it, the more I think I need to read.

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