Trudi and other East Coasters.....nor'easter

vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)February 12, 2006

Hope you all and your jugs have not been blown away!! I woke up this morning and read the story on the Yahoo hompage;Yahoo News. WOW! That's alot of blowing snow...yikes! I remember growing up and living in ND thru at least 1994 the blizzards were horrible...and normal ND winters were -30 degrees, -60+ with the windshield! Now they are lucky to keep snow on ground and average winter day temps are SO much warmer then before. MN winter are warming up just maybe some of those milder winters will blow your way too?!

My R.I. uncle will be busy as he is a plower for the state!

Please check in if your not buried in snow drifts!


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albertar(z7 LINY)

Hi, I'm a little further east of Trudi, and I can tell you its blowing up something fierce out there. I put out 23 containers yesterday and they are fully covered with snow, as are the ones I had put earlier. I just hope the damn snow blower starts when DH gets out there, :)

It should all melt by the end of the week though, weather man has us going up in temp by then again.

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Hi Alberta! At least it won't be sticking around too long...whew! I guess things couldn't blow too far buried in snow drifts :))

Stay home and stay warm,


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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

I'm inland from the coast. 16 inches of the white stuff and it's beautiful to see it on top of my 137 WS containers.
That "white stuff" is mother natures fertilizer and our WS water supply and cold insulater. My container went out on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, Plenty wet and figured in the freezing cold they would be frozen solid over night. Instead I found them drying out on me and was beginning to think that I would have to lug water out from inside to get them wet again.
Thank goodness for the snow. We need it to protect our perennials from the bitter cold of winter, when we get a few days of it, it seems this winter.
The kids are happy, no school tomorrow, the snow plow drivers are happy, they're making money, the perennials are happy, they have warmth and protection and WS are happy there is snow out there to protect our flats. What more could one ask for? Think spring, and check out some of the posts on the gallery page of WS plants. It will be here soon enough.

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Yes, I know the snow is a great insulator...I was more worried about the 50-60mph winds that came along with that snow :)

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seedbandito(7 NC)

I grew up and lived in Erie, PA for 32 years. The winter winds would blow accross Lake Erie from Canada and go right through you! Some days the wind chill would be so low, they'd keep kids home from school & advise folks NOT to smoke outdoors!!! Didn't matter how much snow we got, we went to school, it was the wind chill that kept us home.

Here in the south, 5 flakes of snow they close the schools and the natives buy all the bread, milk & beer!!! You can't even find a hot dog bun or an English muffin for miles and miles, lol! I've seen more snow in one lunch time than most of these folks have seen in their lives.


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

We didn't get much snow in Columbus, but we did get our driveway egged Saturday. Does that count?

(teenagers - sheeesh).

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cjsmith(z6 SE MA)

Only got about a foot here near Boston. Blew a lot, but my containers are on a part of the deck that collects drifts, so there's roughly 2 feet on them, they got buried pretty fast, which protected them from the wind after that...(or course, I'm not exactly sure what they look like under the snow, and I'm not digging in to find out!)

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Hope everyone is digging out ok.

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