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JediAaron(9)April 6, 2013

Morning folks!

Recently purchased a home, and this tree was left in the backyard. It's in a wine barrel (of sorts), and at first thought it was dead, but kept and eye on it and this and that, and viola its blooming up - but we have no idea what kind of tree it is. Any ideas? Wife suggest a variation of an ornamental cherry...but?


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Here's one more picture of the blooms.

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you should listen to your wife. after all, you were smart enough to marry her.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

last pic.. its pot ... is pretty small.. and the media is too peaty ... trees need to NEAR dry in between good waterings.. and peat can hold too much water.. so use your finger.. and let it NEAR dry in between good waterings ... otherwise you may rot its roots off ...

should you ever decide to repot it ... lets discuss it ahead of time.. here on GW ...

is there any reason it couldnt go in the ground??? and that would be done.. when its dormant .... which would be next winter ... in your zone.. so you have plenty of time to think about it ....


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Ken - thanks for info and questions! There's no where to pot it into the ground here, so it'll have to stay in a pot or barrel in the future. (it's been raining here all week that's why it looks so wet). Was figuring it needed a good repot this next winter, any tips or suggestions along those lines?

Narrowed it down to either a Mt. Fuji or a Shirofugen Flowering Cherry... ;)

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