What's on your punchlist before plant-out?

mmqchdygg(Z5NH)February 24, 2009

Mine goes something like this: Blow out all matted-down leaves from beds

Expand one garden bed out around an 'anchor' shrub (cuz I can)

Prune said anchor shrub

Move a hosta bed from under maples to West-Side of house (maple roots are coming up too close to surface)

Fill in the septic cover hole since we had to dig it up when the filter was blocked last week

Amend several areas that weren't done in the fall with compost

Make some vain attempt at 'planning' what's going to go where of all these jugs

Make a new annual bed somewhere. Cuz I can.

Gardening chores really are never done, are they?

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floodthelast(5 N. OH)

Well till uncomposted leaves and build new raised garden bed. Then put up new trellis. Rake leaves off of beds or remove by hand. pooper scoop blah. Build new full sun annual beds out front, because I must. Identify new sprouts outside, friend or foe. Finish rain barrel. Make soaker hose and replace old garden hose. etc. etc. etc. I'm just looking forward to getting outside again.

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ajpa(z6 se PA)

My priority is to get the bed for the blueberries ready, and a place to plant the strawberries. They are going to arrive in April bare-root so I need to be able to plonk them in as soon as I get them.
Apart from that it's going to be putter here, putter there ... I put the dis into disorganized.

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playintheyard(zn6 MA)

I want to expand 1 garden and start a couple more. I also want to get my son working on an arbor for me.Build another raised bed for a holding bed. Clean the yard! There are sticks and branches everywhere! Actually should make kids do that. Clean the garage I guess I could go on & on.

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Plant out seems like its a lifetme away. The snow melted yesterday, almost all gone, but more is coming tonite.

I still have time for cold treatments!

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floodthelast(5 N. OH)

Oh the garage, yeah that needs doing. It's going to wait till I get most of the pots planted out and the patio furniture, and my sons big outside toys and swings. Then I need to invest in some shelves. Sigh.

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oh, NO doris! More snow! You're in Chicago...we usually get 'your' weather a few days later. Uch!!

Well, I guess that'll give us the usual "March= In like a Lion..." part...again.

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nancy_drew(5 nw chgo burbs)

Since I got carried away buying seed and sowing, I have to dig out about four more feet of bed, 25 feet long, along the length of our condo and then at least 3 or 4 feet around our patio. Our soil sucks, it's full of clay, so all that digging means lots and lots of amending. Hubs has 2 huge sandbags in the back of our truck for traction in winter, so I'm going to swipe those for the garden and add it when I add the compost.

I also want to do a couple of treatments with Sluggo before I can even think about planting out. We've had gutter problems and drainage issues for a while. We got the parts to fix it on our drain and the drains on both sides of us. We still have one more to go, but I just know those slimey little buggers are quite at home right now, along with the pill bugs!

I'm starting to get worried, because Memorial Day I start back to work. It's going to be rough with all the garden work plus having to get used to going back to work. Oh crap.... plus the weeks worth of cleaning BEFORE the pool can be opened up!

Yep, Doris is right! We're in for a very cold week end here, too. I still have what used to be snow, hanging around here... now it's ugly, dirty, rock hard ice. I just want to get my hands in some real earth.... is that askin' too much??

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Can't really think of much about it since the snow is pilling up as I type this ! We don't get spring sometimes until May. I have chickens now so I have to chucken proof my garden. Put up posts and chicken wire to keep the little ladies out or they will eat all the tomatoes and strawberrys. Need to get some lumber to make some raised beds as well. I am a newbie so this is my first year to winter sown. Iv'e been busy getting some things out that some members gave to me this week.

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