Pruning of Salvia?

rorypaJune 29, 2006


I have 2 Salvia x sylvestris "Snow Hills Sage" that have bloomed nicely and are not starting to look worn out. How do you prune your salvia? Do you snip each individual stalk or just chop the whole plant down to basal foliage?


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Lemon_Poppy(z5/6 OH)

I had the same question when mine needed pruning. My husband ended up using his hedge trimmer to shape it up. Then I took my kid sized rake and gathered up the trimmings. It's been two weeks now and it's doing fine and beginning to regrow and reflower a bit.

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The way I prune my S. 'May Night' is to prune the spent flower stalk just down the next set of leaves. Most of the stems have another set of small flower buds ready to go. If you look closely you may see them starting.

On some of the stems, the 2nd set of buds already opened, but most of them haven't.

After that 2nd set of flowers has bloomed, then I cut the whole thing down to basal foliage.

I guess it depends on how far along yours has gone.

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a2zmom(6a - nj)

I pretty much do what Wendy does with my May Night. If just the individual stalk is spent, I just cut that back, otherwise I take down the whole stem.

I also grow Salvia reptens which isn't cold hardy where I am and I treat it the same way.

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bean_counter_z4(Zone 4, Rkfd,IL)

Dead heading salvia is pretty tedious. If you take more than just the spent bloom stalk you are giving up some bloom from the 1 or 2 flower stalks forming just below the original. I find that if I'm careful, the plant never really stops blooming.

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Susy(Zone 5/6 MO.)

My Snow Hill gets pretty floppy after the first bloom so I usually trim it down pretty low. It grows back fast and blooms some more. May Night I usually do each stalk individually as they don't flop as much. I like both of them and with pruning/deadheading they bloom a long time.

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Ok - I am going out to snip. Might take me until midnight but I will do it.


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I just planted in the spring a salvia superba "blue hill". I have no idea how I should prune it (if at all) for winter. I did nothing to it during the spring/summer/fall so it is rather floppy. Live in the Kansas City area. My first time with this plant. Help! Thanks so much

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