Any legal beagles out there? 'Wave Petunia' Seed question

mmqchdygg(Z5NH)February 23, 2009

I read this at the Wave site:

Since Wave Petunias are "hybrids" Â crossing two "parent" plants to get a specific "offspring" Â the plants you purchase from the garden center each year are really one-of-a-kinds. Any seed that is taken from Wave Petunias will not grow into the same Wave plant and very likely will not perform in the same way.

And since each Wave series is legally protected and trademarked, collecting and re-planting Wave seeds infringes on our intellectual property. It is best to start fresh each Spring with new, young plants for the best performing petunias!

My question is this: if the seed "will not grow into the same Wave plant and not perform the same way..." then why do they concern themselves with saying that they are "legally protected..." and that "...collecting and re-planting is infringing."

Sounds like a marketing ploy to me. Esp since there are a ton of licensed seed sellers out there selling the seeds WITH their "Wave" trademark on them...which to me says that the seed IS fine, and all they want Joe Homeowner to do is buy more plants. And IF I wanted to collect my own seed and grow them in my own garden, I seriously doubt they are going to send the Wave Police after me for 'infringement.'

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floodthelast(5 N. OH)

I think they are trying to keep ppl from trying to sell or trade "wave seed". The comm. seed should be true, but offspring especially open pollinated would be different and not a real "wave".
I don't see how they can say collecting and replanting is an infringement though.

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