Japanese Cherry Damage??

sgrammerApril 27, 2014

I noticed this while putting new mulch down yesterday. I looked over the tree and this is the only place I saw it. Anyone knows what's going on and if I should be worried?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

gummosis ... i will leave you to google it ...

endemic to the prunus family ;... a systemic disease.. untreatable ...

they tree might only live another decade or two ...

ignore it


ps: i would get rid of the landscape fabric.. and i am wondering it the plant is not planted too deep.. as i cant see the root flare ... if so.. this could have caused that ... pull back the soil.. until you see the first root ... think archeologist.. rather than ditch digger.. when trying to pull back the soil ... snap us a pic.. and see what we recommend ...

BTW: how long ago was this planted??? as i am wondering if the fabric interfered with proper transplant watering ....

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I planted it last year. Late spring/early summer, I think. Are you suggesting to remove the fabric for watering reasons?

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