The pot garden

seil zone 6b MIMay 31, 2014

I managed to get all the new ones I have potted up now. I went from about 76 pots down to 37. So about half the number I had. There's still a few coming and a few more I'm going to get but I'm trying to keep it under 50 pots. 76 was just a bit too many, lol!

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

Oh how exciting, Sharon!!! :-)

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

That would drive me insane as I'm not a pot person... lol
But I admire those that are up for the task...
Very nice Seil! Great job!

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vettin(z6b Northern VA)

How long do you keep them in pots for? Do you bring them inside in the winter? I would love to have roses in pots but do not have space to bring them inside, and likely to have priorities other than watering them. Do you have anything set up to water them regularly?

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seil zone 6b MI

Jim, I actually think the pots are easier to care for than the beds. For one thing I can sit and work on them. I don't need to bend or get on my knees!

Vettin, they're in pots permanently and no, they do not go inside for the winter. I don't have a garage, just a small shed, so they stay outside wrapped and packed in leaves. I wintered them very well for 8 years that way. However, this past winter did a lot of them in. Just too cold for too long. I'm hoping that that will not happen again for a long time! I water each pot with a hose by hand. I haven't been able to figure out how I could do a drip system across the concrete patio and it would probably cost more than I could afford anyway. Besides, I like to spend time out in the garden with my roses. I get to see and keep tabs on each one up close and personal.

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vettin(z6b Northern VA)

Thank you. If you have time, could you please share as much as you can about growing roses in pots? Eg what size pots do you use, do you pot them up depending on size or all go in same size pots? What kind of pot, what kind of soil, how often you water, how much sun or shade etc etc etc. of course I suspect you would rather be with the roses than typing all that out :)

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seil zone 6b MI

Lol, Vettin, I don't mind sharing info but I'm no expert as proven by how many I lost this winter. If you PM me with your email address I can send you a paper I did on it for my rose society.

Pot size depends on the rose but bigger is usually better for a full size rose. They get tall and top heavy in the wind if the pot isn't big enough It also takes longer for them to get root bound too. Eventually they will though so you'll have to do root pruning then. You can put minis in smaller pots but you'll have to watch them because I've had some minis out grow them and go up to the big pots with time. The smallest pots I have are about a foot tall and wide. The biggest ones are about 30 X 30 inches. I've been lucky to find some good ones at clearance sales because the big ones can get pricey. I only use plastic or foam/resin ones because terracotta/ceramics are too heavy and won't winter here. I also look for squat shaped pots rather than the ones that are wide on top and narrow at the bottom. The squatter ones are less tippy. If you have a lot of wind that's a consideration. A full grown rose with a lot of foliage acts just like a sail in the wind and it will tip. I keep all of them up on those wheeled pot trolleys so they're easier to move around. With a mature rose and wet soil they can be unbelievably heavy! Even if you think you'll never move it, trust me, something will come up and you'll have to! Whatever pots you chose put extra drainage holes in the bottom and take off any trays. Drainage is VERY important for potted roses. Roses hate wet feet!

I just use any good quality potting soil I can find on sale when I need it. Just be sure it is POTTING soil and not garden or top soil. Lowes Stay Green is good and I've used the Miracle Grow potting soil too. I try not to get ones with fertilizers in them because I want to control when, what and how much fertilizer they get. But it's getting harder to find ones without stuff in them. I've used those water crystals as well but I really didn't see that they made much difference in how often I had to water.

Watering depends a lot on your weather. In spring and fall about every 3rd day is good. In the summer that may go to every other day and even every day if it's very hot and dry. I have a moisture meter that I use to test for water and that helps. But you will probably need to water your pots more frequently than you do your roses in the ground. They dry out quicker. And because of that you'll also need to fertilize them more often too. Fertilizer gets washed out quicker in the pots than the ground. I fertilize them about every 3 weeks and the ground ones only get fed once a month. In early spring they get a slow release dry fertilizer scratched into the soil and after that it's all liquid foliar feeds. Any brand of good balanced fertilizer will work just fine. Sometimes I'll add some fish emulsion into the mix too.

Sun is the same as any rose, at least 6 hours, 8 is better. If they're not getting enough sun they'll grow some but they don't bloom much.

Hope that helps and if you have questions just ask!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

I have one rose in a pot (Mr Lincoln)... He is fussy here with sunlight so now I can move him if needed...
Today I watered him then decided to move him (
Where did you buy those container dollies with wheels? Thanks

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seil zone 6b MI

I got mine at Big Lots, Jim. I've also seen some at Harbor Freight too.

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I try to grow mine in pots has its challenges....

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Awesome! I'm up to 18 in pots now - I really do prefer it, and since my yard is small and the landscapers my HOA uses are idiots, I feel safer with my container garden. I enjoy keeping up with them - it gives me something to fuss over!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Thanks for the info on the wheel dollies Seil!

Very nice pic Hollykline! :)

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seil zone 6b MI

Your garden is lovely, Holly!

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Thank you! :)

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