Diabetic Foot Pain

bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)February 8, 2011

Got my type 2 under control, but the foot pain is worse. I have the tingling and numbness, but now the nerve pain that wakes me up at night. I have heard that cymbalta can treat neuropsy and I left a message for my doctor asking if that is right for me. We'll see.

I have thrown out all of my heels YAY! There are comfortable shoes that are quite attractive.

Any thoughts?

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

bakemom, I have been reading up on a raw food diet and I came across this article on a study they did with diabetes and raw foods. I don't have diabetes, but I thought you might find it interesting...

Here is a link that might be useful: Rawfor30days

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kimka(Zone 6B)

I've been looking into some of the research (I'm a type 2 too). More uniform blood sugar through out the day (and night) seems to mitigate the tingling and numbness. Too high AND too low seems to provoke more tingling and numbness at least for me.

With the prescription stuff, my doctor had me shift to a faster acting insulin. Based on reputable "real science" studies (many of which my agency ARS has done), I've added the following supplements to my diet: 3X 1,000 cinnamon; 1X 1,000 turmeric capsules and drinking 3-5 cups of green tea (mostly Bigalow peach green tea with caffeine replacing my coffee intake). But the one that actually showed a tracked blood sugar drop of about 30 points with no other changes was adding 6,000 units of D3, taken 2000 units at a time in three doses during the day.

I have been discussing all of the vitamin D research with our national program leader for human nutrition. I can tell you that our data about vitamin D requirements is all over the place. Some will tell you that 6,000 units per day is in the toxic range. But the only data about toxic ranges is anecdotal; no one really has repeatable data.

My doctor ordered a vitamin D blood test last month for me (60 days after I started taking this dose) and I still came up low normal (35).

The next time you do a A1C test, ask your doctor to add a Vitamin D test. You may be surprised at how low you are, even if you drink a lot of milk because tests show that although milk is supposed to be enhanced with vitamin D, actually levels really vary. By the way, it has to be D3, not D2.

I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist, but I have looked at a lot of the primary research and talked to some of the leading scientists in this field. But do your own research to see if you want to try some of this. One of the real frontiers in vitamins and minerals is that they are beginning to look at some small difference in genetic make up (like 2 or 3 genes) making a huge difference in the amount of a vitamin or mineral requirement.

But FDA policy is one number for a requirement, so they are really unhappy with the growth of research saying you have gene a & b, you need 5X the amount of something than other people need.

As DNA testing becomes cheaper, expect a lot more research inthis area of individual nutrition requirements.

The other aspect of diabetes that may be contributing to more tingly and pain is inflammation levels. I even read a couple of references that some doctors want to consider reclassifying diabetes as an inflammation based disease rather than primarily endocrine--that the endocrine issues are a result of inflammation. Get your doctor to do a C reactive protein test to see if that is a problem in your case.


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Interesting! Thanks.

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My podiatrist recommended a new drug called MetanX that might restore or renew some of the damaged nerves in the feet. You need to take it for 6 mo. to see results. It's not a cure, just a gradual renewal. I have felt some improvement: fewer and less frequent pains. Still have numbness, but mine is pretty bad. A nurse who used it said it helped so that her feet were not so sensitive to every seam in her shoes & socks.

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