Made the mistake of going to a Gardening Chat Room

mmqchdygg(Z5NH)February 15, 2006

OMG, people are FREAKS! I frequented chat rooms when I used aol years ago, and I just found the chat feature on my Yahoo Messenger thingy just now, so figured, hey, I'll go chat flowers & dirt with some other flower & dirt people. Not. OMG get me OUT of here!

Within 2 minutes of entering a room, I had 2 instant messages wanting my 'personal data'...and no one was talking about gardening.

Won't do that again. What a bunch of FREAKS!!! Staying put here on our boards!

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I did that too before I found this place, some guy wanted me to turn on my web cam, nobody wanted to talk about seeds or anything yuk. I'm very careful now. But you're right this is the place to be. Especially for us garden freaks. Or is that ducks ? Quack !

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Hmmm ... and all this time I thought you had your web cameras on.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

MIM, you always give me a chuckle. How do you post these interesting inserts?

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scary eyeballs.

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

Depends on where you go--AOL's "Potting Shed" is usually full of people chatting about gardening or food or remodeling or food or pets or food...

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I use to go to the Potting Shed once in awhile. It was a fun pace and nice people most visits.

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

i made that same mistake of going into an aol garden chat room. seeds, dirt and plants were the last things on anyone's mind. oh well.

reminds me when i first got on aol many many moons ago and i was looking over the chat listings and found one "TV". well, i thought, "i like television, i could add something about one show or another". yeah right, it was all about tranvestites (disclaimer: not that there's anything wrong with that - it just wasn't for me). made me steer clear of chat rooms.

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I was wondering if GardenWeb might consider a chat room...
Most everyone here is so super, nice..It would be great to talk insted of post sometimes...I can relate to what you guys are saying about the other chat rooms tho...been there, and left ...FAST!!...Or maybe we can make our own chat room in MSN or something...for gardening...I am sure the "others" would get bored with our conversations and leave!...just my thoughts..
Blue Skies!

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I don't know the first thing about setting up a chat-room, but I am totally for it! I'm on Yahoo (you already knew that), and I have AOL instant messenger, but again, not sure how that all works if we 'schedule' chat times or 'open-24/7/365' option would be good.
Hey, Trish- email me on how you make those cool gif signature thingies.

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