Smoking Salvia?

proudgm_03(6 MO)February 21, 2008

I was shocked to hear at school the other day that kids are smokiing salvia. My students told me that you can buy it at smoke shops. They say it is dried and you roll it in joints like pot. Has anyone else heard of this?

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rbrady(5/Eastern Ia)

I have. They had a story on our local news about it. I guess in the State of Illinois there is a problem. Since I live on the border with Illinois our news covers both states. In the story they were talking about making it illegal to sell in Illinois because the kids were smoking it. Where do kids get ideas like this? Who came up with the idea to smoke it? Wierd!


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Do you know why they are smoking it?
Is it to get "high",or just to have a free cig.?
Man o Man,i sure don't want the plant to become illegal.This is the first i have heard of this and i live in Illinois.

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

My students told me they can buy it at a smoke shop and it's in a roll your own form. They said you can get a 20 minute high off of it. I have heard stories about kids trying different things to get high and it really scares me. They don't seem to care or realize how dangerous some of these things can be. Some plants are poisonous.

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rbrady(5/Eastern Ia)

just1morehosta-It was reported on a channel from Davenport, Iowa (Quad Cities Ia/Il) and they said that on Jan 1 Illinois will/added it to the states list of controlled substances. It causes halluncinations when it is smoked, licked or chewed. It is considered a psychedelic drug. The actual plant is Salvia divinorum.

BTW what part of the state are you in?

proudgm-It is crazy how kids will try almost anything sometimes to get a "high". I have 4 kids and I hope they are never that stupid. You are right, some things could be dangerous or poisonous.


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All my children are grown with children of their own,my grandchildren.:0)
You never stop worring about those you love,i have been very blessed.We have never had a problem with any drugs,but you still worrie.
I will pass this information to my children.Thank's every one.

rbrady,i live in Oregon,Il.Where are you?

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

The kids also told me that some kids are eating mushrooms found under cow patties and they produce a much longer lasting high. You have to be pretty hard up to eat anything that came out from under cow $#@%! It just goes to show how much is missing from these kids' lives if they are looking for answers in drugs.

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I work in a coffee shop and the other day my co-workers were talking about Salvia. Knowing that not one of them is a gardener :O( , I asked what they were talking about. I guess in one particular subdivision in the city, some kids discovered that a lady had them in her gardens and so the plants disappeared. The plants must have been seeding, and so all of a sudden the kids had a marked interest in gardening and this plant started showing up in quite a few gardens in the neighbourhood. That is until the parents clued in!

This plant was also featured on one of the news shows recently here in Canada. It is legal to sell, and so is being sold at some shops in the bigger cities - and to teenagers. Ironic that the kids can't buy cigarettes, but they can buy a drug which will render them schizophrenics for the rest of their lives. The intense high that they experience for but a few moments sometimes actually triggers the brain into such a mental state.

Where are our Food and Drug administrators when you truly need them???

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its banned in ks already! and i remember when we were growing up, it was a big thing if you could eat a mushroom under the cow patty. LOL so they just recycle stuff all the stuff. LOL
its totally amazing what people/kids will do!! Medo

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