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rsmoore27(7)April 1, 2014

If anyone could help identify this tree, it would help me out. I think this is a good representation of what's needed, but if there's something more specific that's needed, please let me know.

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Looks like acer rubrum to me. Definitely a maple. Maybe a tad chlorotic which acer rubrum is susceptible to in high ph soils. Where are you located?

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I'm in Dallas, TX. I'm new to all of this, but I'm assuming that chloritic is bad? It wouldn't surprise me, because I'm concerned the tree's actually dead. Those pictures are from a year ago, and now, there are no leaves whatsoever (fell off late last summer) and there don't appear to be any growing back. I noticed yesterday that it actually appears to be leaning a little as well.

I can get new pictures of the current state later today.

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Dallas would be a location acer rubrum would show signs of chlorosis to some degree. The fact that it hasn't leafed out yet and dropped it's leaves early is quite worrisome, I agree with you. Scratch the bark on limbs/twigs and see what color is underneath. Green means it is alive and brown means it is dead. Our red maples have flowered but not broken leaf buds here yet but at your location it should be about time for that tree to put out leaves. A picture would be great, too if you can manage :-)

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Thanks so much for the thoughts. I'll scratch the bark when I got home this evening to see what color's inside. I'll also get a current picture and see what you guys think.

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I took a few more pictures last night. Unfortunately, it looks like it's probably dead. Here are some pictures showing the current status. Assuming I'm correct that its dead, would the prudent move be calling someone to come remove it?

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Well that bark sure does not look good. Not seeing it person, I'd still give a couple weeks as it looks like other trees in your neighborhood are just now waking up and leafing out. If nothing has happened by May, time for removal if you don't want a dead tree in the lawn =(

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Thanks for the feedback! I definitely appreciate it.

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