Spring Bulbs

lblack61(z5 NY)March 13, 2006

My Ranuculus is coming up! I'm so excited. I started Double Freesias and Ranuculus indoors in pots last week. I put them in a few different places in the house to see which they would respond to better. I look this morning, and one of the Ranuculus has little sprouts :-)

Yesterday, temptation finally got the best of me and I bought Canna and Calla Lilies from Lowes (they don't put them right in the foyer for nothing). I think I'm going to start those inside also, especially since I may keep them in containers with the trailing Geraniums (one of my presents for the hummingbirds)

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sherrymo(6 / Mo.)

I also have been growing bulbs indoors! Did daffs, divides from the yard, for blooms, indoors, for February! Also tulips and crocuses.
I must have flowers, at all times, in the house around me. Just potted up primroses for the kitchen. They are so sweet. Will plant them out later in the season for next year's blooming. Cut flowers are nice but when I can do a bulb or a plant inside than later outside for the gardens I am truely pleased. Will have to try the bulbs you mentioned.

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lblack61(z5 NY)

Glad to have company...wow, flowers in winter!
I do have double Impatiens blooming, despite how many buds I pluck off of them. I brought them in for the winter and need to take some cuttings from them so I'll have more for the front beds.
I guess after last year, seeing how many nice flower arrangements I could make from my homegrown, WSed flowers, I wanted to round them out with some other types of flowers-- for variety, height, etc. One of my goals-- beside pleasing the hummingbirds-- is to do some paintings of arrangements from my garden. Gives me an endless supply of subject matter. Now if I can find time to paint during the summer!

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That is too exciting. I guess I still have time to start some spring bulbs. I adore Freesia. I also have a three season room that has plenty of space to give it a try.

Do I just put a bulb in a pot and wait and then transplant when it sprouts? I have no bulb experience at all@

Thanks for posting this!


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lblack61(z5 NY)

I don't have any experience at it either, to be honest. I decided to try it for the first time this year. I'll post the link to where I got my info from below :-) (click 'Public', then 'Bulb Basics'. There'll be a link for Spring and Summer flowering bulbs)

In addition to the things I mention above, I also started Cannas and Calla lillies.
Progress so far:
One of my non-stop begonias is coming up, one pot of rannuculus is up, and there's a sprout in two pots of cannas. Nothing on the freesias yet...I hope I get something. I do have seedlings I started from seeds indoors and another set of seeds to WS (to compare), but I was hoping to get some flowers this year from the bulbs.

They have different planting depth and watering needs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bulbs

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