Energy4Earth-video-question please

just1morehosta(5)March 3, 2009

Hi guys,

I have posted this question on a couple of sites i thought might know,but there has been no responds.

For $50.00,we can order this viedo-Energy4 Earth,he says you can build a solar panel for under $200.00,and cut your electice bill by 60-60%.

Have any of you every heard of this man? Michle Harvey?

How would one know if this is a legit person,is there some place you can check up on an offer like this?

Thank you in advance for any help you may offer.


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PVick(6b NYC)

Never heard of it before, cAROL. But I googled and came up with this site, which claims to have an extensive review of the product (downloadable): Energy for Earth review

Maybe you've already seen this? I scanned quickly thru a bunch of other reviews of the product, and didn't manage to find a bad one.


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found: Backwards...

There's a .net, too.
And this one:

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That's interesting...I realize it's an info-mercial, but it looks very VERY interesting for $49.97, it might be worth looking into.

My DH is very handy, and occasionally we've thought about doing something like this...I'll send it to him to see what he thinks.

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Thanks guys,
My hubby is an electrician,and can do this project,just not sure if it is a good one,we have lookes up all we can find,please Tina,let me know what your hubby thinks will you.

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