Please don't over do it!

clumsygrdnerMarch 4, 2009

I dug a new bed today, it wasn't that big. But every year I'm shocked at how out of shape I get during the winter. I mean, I tried to lift weights and everything! I got out there and just about died after 2 hours. By the end of the gardening season, though, I can go for 4 hours easy. :)

When starting out, please remember to stretch, drink lots of water and take frequent breaks even if it is cool out. Please, please, do not bend down so that your head and shoulders are below your waist. Squat, resting your bottom on your heels if you can. If you can't, kneel on a pad or pillow. No one wants to start spring with a slipped disc.

Please use tools correctly. :) Just a glance at a how-to site can save a lot of sore muscles and injuries.

Have fun out there!

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You can bend so your head is below your waist? That's a neat trick.

But yeah, I get it. The older I get, the more I look like a tacky lawn ornament...

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Hey, I didn't say you could use my pic!

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Hahaha! My what beautiful bloomers you have!

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nancy_drew(5 nw chgo burbs)

Posted by mmqchdygg:
"But yeah, I get it. The older I get, the more I look like a tacky lawn ornament..."

Ha! Me too!!

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floodthelast(5 N. OH)

I live on a busy street and get honked at when gardening out front. I try and remember to squat instead, and only wear the backyard shorts to garden out back. :)

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token28001(zone7b NC)

Jeez, I can't remember the last time I was honked at. Probably when I was chasing the cat out of the garden and a car nearly ran me down. You girls are lucky.

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gardencrazy(6 Southern Ohio)

Well Token I would honk at you. I think that a man out in the yard planting flowers is worth honking at!!! Wish I had one of those in my yard!!! (mine is watching sports while I work my tail off. I could die out there and he wouldnt notice... till he gets hungry!)

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"...the backyard shorts..."

Oh my God. So funny...and so true! I usually don't realise how awful some of my "gardening outfits" are until I see the look on the UPS guy's face. I live on a dead-end road out in the sticks so it's a tossup as to which one of us is more shocked to see the other.

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gardencrazy(6 Southern Ohio)

haha I know what you mean tosser... I am on a dead end road and I only have one house past mine. I rarely see any one but that faimly which dont bother me except the wife which is always drunk and she is a close-talker that always feels the need to come and hang out with me while I garden! OMG!!!!It is almost enough to make me give up gardening!!! (think an electric fence would keep her out?)

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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

You gals, and guy: LMAO!

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I hear everybody, believe me. I worked outside for 4 or 5 hours yesterday and today I can hardly move. Plus, I think the allergies are kicking in. I've been sneezing, ready to scratch my eyes out, and blowing my nose the whole day. UGGH!

gardencrazy: you might honk at token, but you'd probably hit a pole if you caught me out back on a hot day: construction boots, my Chinese rice paddy thong, and a baseball cap. This year I'm buying a kilt and ditching the thong. I think the kilt works better with the boots.

And to answer the obvious question before you ask: Nothing is worn underneath, everything is in perfect working order!

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gardencrazy(6 Southern Ohio)

Prof that sounds to hot for me... but I can fix you up with my neighbor... hahaha. she is always in daisy dukes, concrete covered work boots (she is a concrete finisher) and bikini top. woohoo! and the more beer the more close-talking she gets! Have you ever had someone stand 6 inches from your face but yell loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear. oh I have to love her... because she is not going to go away...she is my husbands first cousin.

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floodthelast(5 N. OH)

Ah family.

retiredprof- matches the boots huh, do you wear a fanny pack?

As to my attire, it is usually modest but you get funny tan lines as a gardener. It is also hot work. At least my backyard has a lot of shade. I still wear the tank tops to keep from looking red and white striped at church. Although I had a better tan last year than I ever had before. See gardening pays off in more ways than one.

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floodthelast: Trust me, you don't wear a fanny pack with a Chinese rice paddy thong, or a kilt, for that matter. One wears a sporan, where he keeps his tool(s) up front for immediate access.

I do my gardening in the cool of the morning, then play in the hot tub in the afternoon. To put it delicately--I have no tan lines!

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

You folks are funny.

Prof, a sporan is big enough for your tool(s)???? :-P

I always get contact dermatitis, so such outfit is out of question. lol. I have to cover myself from head to toes, rain or shine. Bummer...

I love my Thai hat, though. It shades me very well.

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floodthelast(5 N. OH)

pitip, how adorable. I've gathered an assortment of hats but none as wide as that.

prof, oh for a hot tub, someday, someday. As it is I have kids still at home, my youngest is two. I need to keep the tan lines for awhile.

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newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)

You guys are hysterical!

Since I wouldn't have cleavage if I stood on my head I don't wear "support" while working all day outside. It took me til early August to realize that when I'm bending over facing the street up at the front bed anyone who walks or drives by can see right down my sleeveless shirt...LOL. I truly adjusted my bending direction out of courtesy to the two male teens across the street although there's just not much for them to see!

I don't even bother to "match" a gardening outfit when I head out in the morning like you see in the gardening mags...mismatched outfit, treaded "hospital footies" for socks I saved from Pop's medical procedures and sneakers covered with men's totes that keep my feet dry (trick from my father)...I keep thinking and saying that I look worse than Mr. Greenjeans when I'm outside and the ladies in this neighborhood are pretty done up...but they don't have flowers.

Clumsy, every time I see your name I remember all my gardening mishaps...particularly the TWO times I fell face first into my excuse for a Butterfly Garden because I rushed while stepping over the fence...LOL. Literally had dirt up my nose the ole face was so far into the soil!

I live for the hot shooting stars of sciatica...that means I've put in a good day's work. Not smart.

I should be more careful but I've always been accident prone and gardening just presents a whole new range of probable physical damage.

Don't have any double digging planned for this year but have to dig out 30 year old Iris bed all tangled up with quack grass entwined in 30 year old landscape fabric. That fabric would be the one thing to actually last for years as advertised.

I usually overdo it when carting 50 pound bags of "something" in and out of my car. Bags seem much heavier when I have to get them out of the car than when I put them in there. Not much upper body strength going on here.

At least I feel somewhat "fit" during the part of the year when I can be outside for hours at a time. The winter drudge really gets to me. Only sore muscles and back were from shoveling snow earlier this month.

Oh...and washing floors but that is a totally unsatisfactory pursuit even if I do love the smell of PineSol.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

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piti- Call it what you want, but we know you got that "hat" from the last nekkid moon dance party that token held at his place. I remember him asking if anyone knew what happened to his lampshade.

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I want one of those hats! What a match with a Chinese gardening thong! Would that be the perfect outfit to sow oriental poppies in or what?

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floodthelast(5 N. OH)

It depends on if you sow them in the winter prof.

newbiein, that sounds familiar. Dressing for gardening tends to be, "top covered? check, bottom covered? check, feet covered (for shovel use)? check, Hat? depends on if we have leaves yet. Good to go.

I'm hoping to be more in shape than ever this year. My toddler has gotten darn heavy and I've been running around the house after him all winter. :)

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Teee hee.. It does look like a lampshade, but it's been used in the delta of central Thailand for quite a few hundred years.
Prof. You can't have it. Sorry. My DH carried it on the plane half way around the world. lol. Maybe when I go to Thailand, I'll bring you one. :-)

The shape is perfect for shading your face no matter how low the sun is.
This is the underside. Exquisite, is it not?

I have another hat from Northern Thailand. It is a lot wider than the delta hat. It is perfect for the tropical sun, but too flat for the sun in this hemisphere, because the sun here is lower on the horizon. I still get sun on my face when wearing it:

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I'm almost afraid to ask, but a Chinese gardening thong isn't foot wear is it?

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Seedmama: not exactly, but it does allow you to "flip-flop" around the middle.

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I'm usually outside barefoot.
One year I was ripping out a bed to redo it-down on my hands and knees digging with my little shovel. About half way through I realized that I was in the middle of a huge ant nest, OUCH!
I'll probably have to give up the daisy dukes 'til I get rid of my muffin top!(that's what the roll of fat above your jeans is called!!LOL!!)

Pitimpinai, do you want some company on your trip to Thailand? My husband has wanted to go there forever(long story!)-maybe he could get hats for everyone!

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