Holes in Ash Tree

alan93(6a OH)April 15, 2012

Is this thing in bad trouble? If not can it be saved.

It appears to be over run by wood roaches. Its blooming and no other Ash trees in my yard seem affected. Its by itself in the yard, the other trees are about 25 yards away.



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

looks like something has come after the actual hole maker.. as the bark is scarred much beyond the actual hole..

do you see any of the half moon type holes at the link???

the actual bug there now.. may or may not mean anything ...

contact your local extension office and find out if EAB is in your county ... if so.. and you are sure it is an ash.. just get rid of it ...


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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

From the size of the holes it looks like a might be a carpenter worm infestation. Woodpeckers go for the larva, maybe explaining the freshly exposed wood around the holes. Just a guess...
But if it is carpenterworm, yes, your tree may be in trouble judging by the number of holes.

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alan93(6a OH)

The bug there is a wood roach.
Carepenter worm holes i saw online don't look like these.
I wondered if it was woodpeckers going after something myself too.
I guess I will keep looking to find out what this is.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

do not ignore the suggestions to call the extension office and ask about EAB

or just look at the 2nd link.. at the link below.. wherein it says:

Emerald ash borer (EAB) threatens billions of ash trees in landscapes and forests throughout Ohio.

i dont think it really maters what made the hole ... since EAB is endemic in OH ... billions of trees ...

and this is where you change the facts by actually ID'ing the ash you have ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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alan93(6a OH)

I'll call tomorrow, mine looks just like the 10th pic on this page illustrating EAB.
I am in central Butler County Ohiohttp://www.maine.gov/agriculture/pi/pestsurvey/pestinfo/EAB/EABdamagepics.htm btw.

Here is a link that might be useful: EAB

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

yes.. but ID'ing woodpecker.. doesnt explain what the pecker was pecking after ...

as i said.. its secondary damage to the actual pest that made the hole ...

i had about 10 ash on my 5 acres.. when the first one got the half moon hole.. just one hole.. i cut them all down.. as they were young enough to do it myself ... it wasnt worth it otherwise.. on an ID of EAB .. and i live 15 miles north of toledo ...


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donnaroyston(z7a VA)

If you're close to an EAB infestation, you might as well just cut it down. Plant something else.

Of course, never transport the wood anywhere else... you'll be helping the infestation to spread.

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"and this is where you change the facts by actually ID'ing the ash you have ... "

Ken, does it make a difference what type of Ash it is? Was thinking that they (all Ash tree varieties) were affected by EAB.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

EAB affects white and green by my experience ..

but off hand.. i dont know what a mountain ash is .. if it is even a real ash .. etc ...

and i cant really ID his tree on the pix provided ...

i was just covering my butt ... lol

he needs the local reference..

and i hope he reports back


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alan93(6a OH)

I called Ohio Dept of Agriculture and the EAB hotline. I was greated with an army of answering machines. Its things like that that really make me wonder what my tax dollars are for. Vegas trips perhaps?
Anyways, they seemed appathetic at best and just told me to go to a bunch of sites for info to which i began to wonder, who needs the ODOA when you can google stuff?
I responded by saying , "so if I don't even do anything about this it seems that no one else really cares" they responded by saying "oh we want you to care".
Government Services are an absolute waste imo.
They also referred me to a Bayer treatement I could do. Evidently Lowes sells this. Something I could have found out without their illustrious help.
After further research ON MY OWN , I saw a U of Mich study that said that treatements need to be done for 3 years and have a 50/50 chance of working.
If I see it spreading I will most likely cut it down but still I cannot get any help to verify that this is what i have, tax dollar supported or otherwise. It could be a roach investation for all I know.

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Alan, I hope you realize the irony of your previous post. You condemned all government services because you didn't like the response you got on your call. You remedied the situation by going to a govt. website for your answers.

BTW, you'd better immediately rip the power cord out of the back of your computer and throw it in the garbage! More of that damn government at work, inventing stuff you use every day.


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alan93(6a OH)

no irony Tom, whenever a gvmt agency does nothing more than give you information that's already available by google, its a waste of tax payer's money. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY CAN"T EVEN FREAKIN ANSWER THEIR PHONES THE SAME DAY.
I didn't get answers from their website I got it from University of Michigan website.

Dream on about my computer being manufactured and/or by the government. I bought all the parts in it from private sector companies that are being driven out of this country by excessively high GOVERNMENT TAXATION.
What planet you from anyway? Ever heard of IBM, or Apple, or Microsoft? Government????? WTH?
By the way look up the viral video on youtube called if "I wanted America to Fail". The government is the biggest hinderance to the private sector there is.

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arktrees(6b NW Arkansas)

Where do you suppose much of the factual information you find on Google comes from? Last figure I saw was the 2/3rds of all basic research (which at one time included the information you were looking for) is funded by government entity or another. An since it is publicly funded, that information then is freely distributed so that things like "Google" can find the information your looking for. Private companies actually contribute relatively little to basic research. I suggest you do a little FACTUAL research OF YOUR OWN, and stop listening to propaganda. Have a good day.


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