How many Annette's are here?

moonphase(z7 Ga)March 24, 2008

I went through life only meeting a couple of other Annette's or hearing of another.Now,it seems there are alot of others with that name,lol..I always thought I had an odd ball name.but seems to be common among gardeners.


Annette in Ga.

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playintheyard(zn6 MA)

Hi Annette,
I have olny met one other Annette in my life! When I was a kid I hated the name and my parents for it. You never get key chains or coffee mugs w/ you name on it lol!!
I'm called Nette, NetNet and Nettie I can tell how I know someone by what they call me.
People comment on Annette Funachello (spelling ??) I say Annette Benning she is a few decaded younger.

Annette in Ma.

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stage_rat(5--Indiana Riviera)

When I was a kid, Annette Funicello was doing Skippy commercials, so having her be the only famous Annette that people could think of was embarrassing. They usually teased me about peanut butter in some stupid way.

I never met another Annette until college, when suddenly there were 3 of us in a pretty small department. I've been noticing a lot of Annettes around here, too! And yes, knowing that my name would not be on the personalized combs, barettes or whatever made me look at every darn display, hoping to find my name!

I go by Nette, Nettie, Netsky, and Annette (of course). I don't care anymore if people misspell my name, but they better not call me "Annie!!!!!!" Have you had your name pronounced ANN-ette? Accent on the first part? One teacher did that, it sounded so odd to me.

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moonphase(z7 Ga)

I have always liked my name-even if it has always been the odd name,lol.My mom worked for nabisco for 35 yrs and her boss was named Annette.I was named for her.I have a sister name Jeannette and a daughter named Lannette.You are right about never finding anything with our name on it.I have never met anyone on a personal base with our name.I know there is an Annete in Al. and one in BC on the cottage garden forum.I am pretty sure there are a couple more here too.I have a friend that calls me nette.Yep,get the ANN-ette alot.
I used to watch the mickey mouse club every day and just wished I could be like Annette Funicello-lol and I really like Annette Benning movies too.
Well,Annette's it's good to meet you.
moonphase--Annette in Ga.

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playintheyard(zn6 MA)

Hello Annette's,
I still look at the personalized stuff. lol. When I was in school we used a book w/ a picture of a desk that had "Annette was here" written on it. I brought it home to show my father he thought I did

Yes Ann-ette does sound odd. Can't go fishing w/out a-net, wheres Franky? yadayada

Ga Annette maybe you'll get a granddaughter named Lynnette.

Nice to meet you also,


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stage_rat(5--Indiana Riviera)

I saw Annette F. on Mickey Mouse Club reruns when I was really little, and was excited about a famous Annette. But no one remembered that part of her career during the Skippy years! I used to think my name didn't fit me at all, since it seems a very dainty, feminine name, but I'm ok with it now.

Nice to meet you too!

Annette in Indiana

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