Is it too late to transplant some Arbs?

BarnAnimals(7)April 23, 2012

Is it too late to transplant 6ft local nursery container grown Emerald Green Arbs into the ground? I am in Maryland. The site is full sun and easy to reach with a hose for watering as needed. I don't want to be on the line with timing. If it's at the tail end of the right time, I will wait until September. Thank you for your advice.

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I wouldn't hesitate, but that's me.
If you plant and water correctly they'll be fine.
Despite the crazy weather it is still April, after all.

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I agree with fact i just planted a few!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

timing is MOSTLY everything ...

but if water is available.. and you have a finger to insert.. and the ability to monitor it..

and the fact that arb is not all that foo foo..

go for it ...

just never let it totally dry .. thru out the root mass all summer ... especially july/august ... [but let it NEAR dry]


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BA, the beauty of container-grown stock is that it can be planted any time the soil is workable. There are some problems with container-grown stock too, but none that would preclude your planting of these trees today, or some time in July, for that matter.


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