Does anyone grow delphiniums?

albertar(z7 LINY)March 22, 2006

Do they need rich soil? Will they grow well on Long Island? I've seen pictures of these plants and fallen in love, and ordered plants. They should be arriving around Mid to late April, which should be safe to plant them. I just need some info on how to keep them beautiful.


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Alberta, yes they like rich soil (they are heavy feeders), and they aren't drought tolerant. They do great and live to be many years old here in this cool summer climate; I understand they don't really like summer heat (where I do like summer heat and don't get it here)

I deadhead mine (sometimes just leaving a stalk or two for seed) and add compost or composted manure around the plants at the same time -- they will usually rebloom in late summer. My soil is acidic, a few sticks of blackboard chalk poked into the soil around the plants provides a slow release of lime they seem to appreciate.

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albertar(z7 LINY)

Thanks so much Morz8, now I have a better understanding of what they need I shall baby them completely. I wonder if they could be planted with roses? Since both like water and nutrients.

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I think that would be beautiful Alberta! Can see it now :)
I grew them for the first time last year from wintersow plants and a single one did bloom the first year.. twice even! It's hot and dry here in summer and I planted these plus other plants that require more water at the back boarder of my tomato/pepper bed. This area gets more frequent watering than any other part of my garden.
The Delphinium 'Pacific Giant' are supposedly more tolerant of hot summers and so far they did live up to that.


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Vera, the New Millenium (SP?) plants from New Zealand are supposed to be even more heat tolerant and reported longer lived in warmer summer areas. I bought one purple and planted it last Fall, but not because I expose them to summer heat, just wanted to try it :) My regular common delphs have been in the ground for about 10 years without dividing and are going strong.

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I grow delphs among my roses and they get along well together. I have never heard of using chalk before..good tip.
I think my soil is acidic anyway because of all the leaves I use for compost.

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albertar(z7 LINY)

Thanks for adding that picture, those delphs are stunning!! Thanks for your reply also about the roses and delphs, I am going to give them a try together too. I can't get over the color of that blue, it reminds me of the blue in the morning glorys, heavenly blue.

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