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klem1June 16, 2014

Well that is unless somone makes a better case than this. Mid-summer of 07 or 08 I spoted colorful plants in beds of a vacant office building while on my routine monthly vist. Annuals had long ago died and perrinial shrubs were wilting and bearly surviving the hot dry Tx weather. I had recently completed a bed at my home that was in need of a low maintanance plant. I finnaly pryed eight or ten plants from the hard cracked soil and transplanted to my new bed. When I constructed the bed I did so with the knowledge it would recive minium care. Dug 8" of compost and 2" of castings into top 12" of soil. From that summer to 2013 I lost 1 or 2 plants each year and propagated an equal number in pots to replace them. 2013 I said enough is enough and gave the bed almost as much attention but didn't replace strugling or dying plants. This spring one plant emerged and has reach about 3" tall. So what's the award I believe I deserve? The failure against all odds trophy unless youall have ever topped my failed attempt at growing,,,,,,,purple heart wandering jew. No I havn't nor do i plan a soil sample. IMO,any fool that can't stick that stuff in a freeway median and have it prosper shouldn't waste money trying to grow any thing.

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I have grown a few "late drop" live oak trees, they live one winter, I touted them as zone 6 hardy Live oaks, and this past Harsh winter, mine died except for 2 coming up from the mulchline. They will grow up again, but in the next harsh winter they will croak again. I mentioned this tree over and over as zone 6 hardy. Good thing most folks waited for my updates, over the winter, waiting likely for a harsh winter. They didn't have to wait long. Sorry for your misfortune, Texas is dry and brutal from what I heard, at least the more Western portion.

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil(Zone 6a - MO)

Last fall I rescued 20 large potted Belgian Mums from a hardware store dumpster. They were in bloom but not standing up like regular mums, they were more of a creeping groundcover almost. Anyway I gave them away left and right and planted a couple in my own beds. Nice for a few weeks till frost. This spring they did not come back - Belgian mums must not be winter hardy. And I told everyone they would produce 'hundreds of blossoms' after reading up on them. Oh well!

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