Need a new Rider

skl727June 17, 2011

Need to replace my old Murray 14.5 LT, bought it 4 years ago for $250 and it has finally died. I am only mowing 10,000 sq ft and have a limited budget. I was looking at the Snapper LT 130AWS, 23hp B&S ELS, 46" deck which was about $2400, then I saw an Allis Chalmers AC130 AWS, which had an identical parts write up for $1600. Am I crazy or are these the same machines with different color and badges? I was looking at the Snapper because I've owned a Snapper snow blower for 15 years and it always started on the first pull (even when I forgot the fuel stabilizer the previous year). I have looked at the Cubs and Deeres, but other than purchasing them at one of the "Boxes", seem to be priced way too high. Does anyone have the AC or Snapper for comment or review?

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I believe both Snapper and AC are part of the Briggs and Stratton group, so I would expect very similar machines. That being said, you're right, they seem to have the same specs, but the AC is $700-800 less. I'd go take a look if you have nearby dealers and see what the story is. I assume when you say the Deeres are way too high, you're talking about the X300 series from the dealers. The D series start at $1500 on up. Need to make sure you are comparing apples to apples - not sure I'd put the Snapper or the AC in the same category as the Deere X300 series at $3K+. For a 1/4 acre worth of mowing, I'd think an entry level lawn tractor or rear engine rider would work OK for you. If you are willing to buy used and would spend $2K+, you might be able to pick up a lightly used Deere X300 with warranty left. Take care of it and might last you a life time with only 1/4 to take care of. Just some thoughts. Good luck.

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Thanks, but the rear engines are too tiny for me, (6'6", 300). At one time I would have put Allis Chalmers at or above JD, but now it is just a Brand Revival for Briggs. I was hoping that maybe Briggs was putting some effort into it's Yard Power division and was going to do the right thing. I was concerned that Briggs doesn't even list Allis Chalmers in it's brand lineup, but it is actually having it's distribution through Simplicity dealers. But I think at $1450 and $150 shipping (liftgate) it's something that is a better deal than the boxes or Sears. So, wish me luck.

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