Delphs going to seed

ryseryse_2004June 19, 2014

I am wondering how far along the seed pods have to be before I can cut off a stalk and let it air dry? I want to cut back all of my clumps so I will have another flush of bloom but want to save seeds of all of the colors.

Has anyone tried successfully to cut a seed stalk before the seeds are dried and had germination of the seeds?

I have found that if I wait for all the seed stalks in a clump to thoroughly dry, then cut them all back - I don't get another bloom from that clump.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

a plant has one goal in life.. procreation ... producing and maturing seed ..

it accomplishes this goal by attracting pollinators with pretty flowers ..

once a plant has gone to seed... and the seed matures... it is rare that you can deadhead it.. and it will flower again ..

i often wondered if the mature seed triggers hormonal changes .. but lost interest at that point ... lol ..


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Campanula UK Z8

yep, I do this frustrating dance every bloody year, hovering over the seed capsules (the first ones are always the fullest and fattest). Campanulas reward the ardent decapitator with a seemingly endless blooming (Sarastro can bloom itself to death!).....but the law of diminishing returns is in full effect by round 3 or so (teeny tiny little seed heads....and I suspect the viability too)). Sweet peas: at the moment, are truly stellar because I have not (yet) tired of picking and filling every household vessel but failure is on its way - in the post. A sniff of seed podding and the flowers slack off immediately. All that tender nurturing of tiny plantlets becomes a brutal chopping, tying,hacking, nipping mad race to contain unruly adolescent plants. The last chance, in my case, to maintain a smidgeon of control before the annual fruit picking torment approaches - a few weeks which inevitably shine a harsh light on all my worst traits.

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davids10 z7a nv.

delphiniums are extremely variable from seed so if you want the same plants you need to do cuttings next spring-youtube has a good video on it and its easy. despite what kennyboy says if you cut the stalks off at the ground and fertilize youll have flowers in sept-smaller but nice.

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davids10 z7a nv.

sorry almost forgot your question-seed pods do need to mature on the plant-the only way to get rebloom is to cut off the stalks just before the last flowers fade

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Thanks all. I just can't cut them all down with all the hummers and bumble bees enjoying the last of the blooms. I still have seeds from years ago in the frig and will just use them next year.

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