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gardencrazy(6 Southern Ohio)March 7, 2009

I would like to know a little about Community Gardens. Who to contact to get something started, how it works, etc.

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If your city has a web site, they may have a section for community gardens (mine does)
If not then maybe you could google 'community gardens' and then your area/city. I recently did this and was shocked to see how many there were in my city, and some very close by.
One of them here is on church land. Maybe if you don't find anything in your area, you could contact a church that is on a bit of land and see if they are willing to let you start something like that on the land that is just sitting there going to waste. If they have a community cupboard at the church, you might offer to contribute some fresh veggies to it at harvest time along with a small rental fee for the land and use of the water facilities (unless you have a rainbarrel to take for use at the gardens, and could rely fully on that)

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gardencrazy(6 Southern Ohio)

Thanks. That is a good idea for a starting point. I work in Portsmouth, OH. I dont know of any existing projects but I suppose there could be. My office building is near a housing project and I always think what a shame it is that these people do not have a place to experience a garden and have fresh tomatoes and veggies and flowers. there is a church and I think there is some empty space also.

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nancy_drew(5 nw chgo burbs)

I'm hoping to have one set up here in our condominium complex by next year. I just need to take the time to figure it all out. Right now I have quite a bit on my plate already, but this really needs to be done. We have quite a few seniors living here and families are struggling. Children have the worst eating habits of any generation! It used to be that with every generation, we grew healthier.... not so anymore. That has to change.

Ok... I'm done now.... .... sorry.

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Hi, I would second the suggestions you've got and also to encourage you:
in my town 3 people got together and started putting the word out that they want to have a gardening project- encourage our neighbors to build backyard gardens, learn about gardening, denote fresh food to a food bank.

That was sometime late Jan or early Feb. Now there are 30 people involved, and it's really amazing. People are so eager and sometimes they need a push to get going. You meet interesting people. And people with talents, like ability to build a raised bed! I've showed people how to WS.
We put signs around town to let people know about us, and the local paper has given us publicity.
We have some land at a church.

So I say - go for it! And let us know how it works.

BTW in my case, the county oversees community gardens, so that it another entity you might contact.

best wishes,

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Forgot this - I think the idea of giving people in the housing project an opportunity to garden - is a really great idea.
There is something about planting things and seeing them grow that just changes lives. And brings satisfaction and happiness, and if the housing project you mention, is like the ones I know, then the people will certainly enjoy having some good things in their lives.

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gardencrazy(6 Southern Ohio)

some good points here. these people sure do not get to enjoy the wonderful things that we all do here.
I did find on the internet that it was brought up to city council in february and agreed that it was a good idea but that is all the minutes said.

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Another thing you can do if so inclined - go the the city council meeting and advocate for it.
(Helps if you bring some people with you.)

I go occasionally when something of interest to me is going on. Democracy in Action!
I find it educational and inspiring.


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