Garden center clearance at WalMart

irisheyes66(6A)March 13, 2009

I hope it's ok to post this here...

Just happened to be wandering through my local WallyWorld, and a quick trip to the garden center was well worth my time (even though it made me late for work, hehe!) There was a large 4-way rack filled with clearance items we probably all use...rolls of green wire, twine, plant markers (25 pack with pencil), mesh trellises, etc...for .25 each! Good-sized (high gloss, pastel color) ceramic planters for .50, and the matching bottom trays for .25!

I filled my cart, so now I can do a gardening project for my guys (I work in a private home with three elderly mentally challenged gentlemen)...they don't have the $$$ to plant a garden, but they do enjoy helping out in the yard. I have lots of seeds/bulbs hanging around to work with, so today's deals were exactly what I needed to get this off the ground (or in it, ha!)

I'm just tickled, and thought I'd share *smile*

Hope others can find the same markdowns!

Susan in Kansas

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Wow! What a haul! I visit the garden clearance area but all I saw this year were ugly planters, chemical fertilizers and bird feeders that looked impossible to clean. :(

I did see those plastic labels but they weren't .25! I got one but I use sticky labels over top. I don't trust that little pencil.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Maybe I should go check....not that I need any more seeds. :-)
Thanks for the info.

Did you notice any MG potting soil there, irisheyes?

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My wally world doesn't believe in garden clearance. I tried to get some sad looking plants for a good deal and they said they just send them back to the supplier (what a waste of plant and gas). I keep looking though. Wish I could find something like you.

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token28001(zone7b NC)

Alley, I doubt they actually send them back. At Lowes, we hold them for the representative. Once they come in and check them off as returned, they get tossed in the trash. the story goes.

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piti, my WM regularly marks down their ripped/open bags of potting soil (or compost, manure, peat moss, etc.) to 50% off--if they aren't sold in a week or two, they get marked a buck each. If I hit it right, I take them home *grin*

The day I was there, they also had a ton of fountain/pond Off mosquito lanterns/candles for .50 each.

I'm going to check out the WM about an hour away from me tomorrow...hope I find more good deals!

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