I Need a Posterior Kick

drippy(7bAL)March 14, 2008

Okay, I'm moving. So what? I've been miserable - no time to wintersow the way I'm used to, too much stuff to get rid of, a DH who doesn't want to get rid of anything. Leaving family, friends, my ocean and the first place I've ever genuinely called home (I was never attached to the place I grew up; go figure).

Now here's the reality: I've had a really good life, and I mean REALLY good. Great childhood, easy adulthood, and the last 13 years in this place have been downright bliss. Finished raising two kids, they seem to have grown up great, have (knock on wood) reasonably good health in my 50's, world's my oyster....


Thanks for kicks in advance, and thanks for letting me vent! :)

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Awe, Kim. Don't hit yourself so hard. I'd be anxious about moving too, but you know, in the end, it will all come to pass. Up until then there will be moments where everyhting is in your face and your thoughts are running a mile a minute. Just think - One thing at a time. You are only human after all!

So, how's Drippy taking the news. In stride I bet. Maybe when you get moments when the world is turning too fast you could sit down and talk to him/her (?). Drippy is a good listener you know. :O) I know my Raven and Chewey aren't the smartest things on this earth, but they sure listen good!

Oh, and I'm not going to give you something else to whine about so no kick. I am, however, sending a big HUG your way to make you feel better. Can you feel it??

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

When I was married, we moved all over. It is the most stressful thing next to divorce I have endured.

We are here for you and we understand.

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Aw, ladies, you're too nice to me. Gotta admit, Bakemom, divorce has crossed my mind in this process more than once - BUT - despite DH's annoying qualities (and he has more than I do, of course :)), he's basically a good man, and I'm not throwing in the towel during the first major life change for us in a looong time. Tiffy's right, it will all work itself out in the end. But I have made it clear that I'm hoping that, assuming all things work back to an even keel, this will be the last major move!

Tiffy, great advice to talk to Drippy - as you astutely noted, she's taking it in stride. Newfies have hierarchies to the extreme - she's DH's dog, then DD's - I'm third on the list, but she has to stay with me for the time being - when DH is gone she mopes a bit, but basically takes things as they are. I should indeed talk to her; maybe I can learn a few things!

Today I'm fortunate enough to be in a counting-my-blessings frame of mind - that's the frame I've been in for so very long - in part, I'm sure, because it's so easy when everything is going your way. My trip to the UK this past summer was the icing on the cake on that - a spiritual joy that few people are lucky enough to have, I think (not weird or anything, just genuinely connected for a full three weeks). I believe this is the way we're meant to live, which is why I get annoyed when the first thing that has challenged that in awhile immediately rattles me. But my dear sister, who also is too gentle to kick me LOL, reminds me that it's human nature. It's a good lesson for me, a bit humbling!

LOL, Tiffy, I didn't even think that the kick might just be another thing to whine about, but you're probably right!

Thanks again, ladies. :)


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moonphase(z7 Ga)

Kim,I am sure you have said where you are moving but I guess I missed that post.I too hate change.I am also in my 50s and can count on one hand the times I've moved.My roots run deep so it is hard to get me to move.My last move was 4 yrs ago when I bought my house for retirement in the mtns.I am now unhappy with a 2 story and may move one more time.Since I am single,I didn't have to consider anyone else.My ex-DH and my best friend died last year,so now I am really a free bird.I know once you get moved and settled and start making the new place feel like home,you will feel better.That was the hard part ofr me,the first year-I had to make this place feel like home and start growing more roots.You will still be connected,no matter where you move.

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