Morning Glories: Climbers v. Mounders

mmqchdygg(Z5NH)April 26, 2007

Hey everyone- Here's the latest in my MG dilemma.

I have a 6" pot on my windowsill. One plant each of Red Picotee and Blue Picotee in the pot.

Issue: Red Picotee- Commercial seed...climbing like mad (planted mid March). Blue "Picotee" was from a trade, and is NOT climbing at all. I'm wondering if the reason is because it was possibly mis-labelled, and is really an Ensign instead?

Can you TELL if a MG is a climber or a mounder by growth habit this early in the game?

Both were planted same time. Red is easy 2-feet, while the blue is maybe 4 inches and looking more bushy (8 leaves in this 4-inch space)



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Is there such a thing as non-vining MG's??


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Yes; Bush-type...Burpee sells these that are called "Enchantment", and Valueseeds has identical ones that are called 'Flash' or 'Ensign'

Enchantment MG

T&M's Ensign Series

T&M's Light Blue "Flash"

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