Eastern Redbud bush, no blossoms

meadowlynn(6-7)April 3, 2007

Hello! I just bought an Eastern Redbud that is labeled Eastern Redbud Bush.. (It has more stems, like a bush, different from the ones that didn't say bush.) When I bought it it had no flowers or leaves. A few days later, it was delivered (today) Now the leaves are coming out. I thought the blossoms were supposed to come before the leaves? Or is the redbud "bush" completely different from the tree? Or could it be that once it gets in the ground and gets used to its new life, it will blossom normally (ie, next year?)

Obviously, this was something of an impluse buy..

thanks, Lynn

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

Redbuds need to be a certain age before they flower, so it may be that yours just isn't old enough. They are also not too happy in pots, and resent being moved, so if yours was either in a pot or was dug and B&B, it wouldn't be happy. If you plant it, mulch it well (3-4" deep, no mulch in the 3-4" next to the trunks, extending out at least 3', 4-6' is better), and water it well for at least the first year (1 in. per week, if it doesn't rain that much that week, a deep, slow soaking watering, not a hasty sprinkle), then probably next year, and certainly the following spring, you should get flowers.

Redbuds can be trained into a single-stem, tree-form, or grown as a multi-stem, bush-form. Either is "right", you just chose which is right for you.

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Thank you for the quick reply! And for all the information. Yes, it is in a container. Hope it lives!
I have read that the redbud is an "understory tree". Do you think it would do okay on the north side of the house? Where it would get a half day full shade and a half day full sun? (and it might be a little colder in the winter.. we're in eastern PA.)

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

That location sounds fine to me.

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