Where are You with Your Garden Clean-up and Plans?

lblack61(z5 NY)April 4, 2006

How's everyone else doing with their garden clean-up and plans?

I'm happy to say, my beds are-- in general...minus adding compost and giving the soil a good working-- ready for the sprouts!

Finally, I got outside and did the clipping of dead stalks, the definitive raking, and some hoeing. I moved my Butterfly Flower from the way-too-shady spot it was in last year (which I think made it develop the nasty rust last year) to an all day sun spot.

I pulled up little compact plants of catnip that reseeded...anyone needs any, I've got tons. A couple of times I set the clumps in front of my kitties (who were outside lounging around me in a semi-circle as I worked) to spoil them more than they already are.

I found Chamomile in tiny clumps that had reseeded from last year and some Lupine seedlings. I put them in some spots where if they grow it would be acceptable. This came along with evening out some of the boundary-lines of the beds and planning exactly what I want to go where.

The big job is going to be putting a new bed in where the pool is. That is going to have to wait for a load of dirt and manure so when I put the cardboard down, it doesn't blow away-- and when I start that Lasagna bed, I have to call my FIL. He wants to see how I do the L-bed.

But I feel like I got a big chunk of my Spring work done yesterday. Everything else (other than the ex-pool area) will be an "as-you-go- process. Whew!

Pictures of Monday:

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

You've done a lot of work in one day. Your garden looks yummy. Did you save any of the blue double cascade Petunia seeds? Are you sowing them this year? May I trade for some of the seeds this summer? I am firing ? at you now and begging in one breath. LOL. I'll have a lot of seeds to trade this summer.

You also have a lot of company while you garden. How wonderful.

Thank you for sharing.

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lblack61(z5 NY)

Thanks :-)
Yeah, those dble cascade petunias became one of my favorites really quick. I don't recall saving seeds for them, unless they are mixed in with the other petunia seeds I saved. I don't recall seeing a plant with seed pods on them like on the regular Petunias. The DCPs seemed to grow much slower than the others. I WSed double the amount this year, so I will try to save seeds for you and send them.
Yes, I have a lot of garden company. They love seeing their "Ma" dig in the dirt.
Good thing I got all that work done...it is FREEZING outside now. Looks like it will be until at least next Tuesday with another switch back to cold after that. :-(

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singingcrk(z6 KY)

Wow! Beautiful pictures, lblack! I am inspired. I haven't done anything productive in the garden this week, other than dig up a huge clump of peony roots that were in a bad spot (kept getting run over), and weeding a bit. My herb bed from last year has lots coming back, and I'm hoping to fill in the gaps with new things this year.

Those petunias WERE gorgeous! :o) Thanks for posting pictures!


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