It Must Be Sping

mnwsgal 4 MN(4)April 9, 2009

I just heard a mallard quacking in my back yard. Maybe it is the pair that have nested in my planter for the last three years. I had to move the planters away from the house for residing this winter and wondered if the mallards would find them and still nest. It is so much fun for the neighborhood kids and me to see each day's new egg and watch for the day the babies hatch.

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Sounds like you have a great way to pass time. I'm sure everyone is enjoying the ducks.
We have a set of hawks here again this spring. The children an I a watching. We watched last year and such a great time we had, seeing the babies learn to fly and hunt.
One great thing about have a set of hawks in residence is the mouse count is way down. Also did not see one snake in my yard last summer. Now if something would just eat all those bad spiders I would feel much better : )
Have a good time enjoying your residence ducks.

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I posted a pic of my mallard pair in the 'garden buddies' thread. They come and go every spring. I have not encouraged them to stay for long. I get nervous when I am hanging up my clothes on the line and they come over and get about a foot away and quack at me. I guess they are expecting food. Once the cover is off the pool, I also don't want them swimming in there! :)
If I had a bigger yard and room for them,(to be kind of away from the part of the yard we use most) I would love to have them nest though.
Enjoy your ducks!

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