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retiredprof(7)April 8, 2009

Well, here we are--another round of holidays for many of us this week. What do you all have planned to make or bring? Traditional fare or something new and exciting?

I'll do something seafood on Friday--maybe Fruitti di Mare.

On Sunday, I'm starting with mushroom bruschetta. Then, I'm grilling a leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary, making roasted new and sweet potatoes sprinkled lightly with chopped mint, and asparagus with hollandaise broiled with Reggiano Parm and bread crumbs. Fresh made bread.

For dessert, a home-made lemon sorbet with fresh strawberries and chocolate shavings.

You realize, of course, it's only me and the two girls (Dobermans), but, heh, you need to celebrate every now and then. And I'm celebrating my first year as a WSing newbie and the success I've had so far.

Best wishes to everyone for a safe and happy holiday!


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Saturday - green chile stew folded into a burrito with refried beans and smothered in cheddar cheese. I had the chiles overnighted from New Mexico and they arrived yesterday. They are roasted, peeled and chopped.


Sunday is our full contact Easter egg hunt with eggs stuffed with candy and money - my grown kids should wear helmets. Then, it's out to brunch at Marcellas.

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Friday - mackerel in a tomato, onion and pepper sauce, served with side of "fungi", a dish made with cornmeal and okra, kind of similar to polenta. An old traditional meal that my grandmother used to make.

Sunday - leg of lamb seasoned with a mixture of olive oil, garlic, parsley, Romano cheese and black pepper (some of the mixture goes into slits in the lamb), served with fresh sauteed string beans and buttered egg noodles. Dessert will be Red Velvet cake.

I'll be sharing my Sunday meal with an elderly woman around the corner - she has no family left.


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Bakemom: You had your peppers flown in overnight? I'm obviously not living right. The last thing I had flown in were pedigreed guppies for my fishtank.

You need to explain eggs stuffed with candy and money. Are they real eggs? Tell me how to blow a ten dollar bill and a Milky Way into an extra-large egg with a quarter inch hole.


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Why should we cook when it sounds like there is going to be a perfectly good meal (fantastic sounding actually!!) at the profs house? Surely we could find our way....

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Buenofoods,com. My son is still on their website from years ago. I lived in Albuquerque when my 19 year old was born back in 89. It's a treat I don't do more than once a year b/c it's very expensive - 90 bucks for six containers, but very worth it.

Eggs? Plastic of course. The "kids" have the same baskets since they were babies - handmade and hand painted.

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nancy_drew(5 nw chgo burbs)

The best I can do this year is homemade chili. My poor hubby had a major renovation done on his top teeth. I'm just glad he's off scrambled eggs and jello!

You know... he's pretty hot, now that he has some teeth!! ;)

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