Craftsman DYT 4000

stranger1966June 29, 2010

I have a Craftsman DYT4000 lawn tractor and the electric clutch locked-up while mowing which choked the motor off. I have replaced the electic clutch with a new one from sears ($250.00) but now when i turn the key nothing happens !! When you turn the key to the first position the headlights "suppose" to come on "they don't now".. then the next position is "run" then the next position is "start" nothing happens, not even a sound.I have the 'engage mower" button pushed in and the battery is new. anyone have any idea what could be the problem ? thanks

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Let's think about what you said.
***"the electric clutch locked-up while mowing which choked the motor off"***
Every time you engage the PTO switch to mow THE CLUTCH LOCKS UP. There is no way that the clutch can lock up and "choke off the motor".
You engage the PTO and that locks the clutch in electrically so the blades spin.
You disengage the PTO to electrically unlock the clutch so the blades stop spinning.
No way that the clutch locking up will choke the engine all by itself.
I think you better post the full Sears model number from under the seat, and then we can explore the possibility that your engine might have locked up.
But first of all, have you checked that you might have blown the main fuse?

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The bearings on the electric clutch went out so the engine shaft couldn't spin and it chocked down. The mower was engaged at the time.I can spin the engine with my hand "after I removed the old electric clutch". The model# is 917.2736403 . I can't find the main fuse, it shows a diagram on sears parts direct that shows it coming out of the wiring cluster but it's not there on mine ? It does seem like it is a fuse or that the mower pto is stuck on, where can I find the main fuse ?

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OK, you can spin the engine by hand, that's good.
But as I said before, the clutch "locking up" can't "choke the engine" all by itself.
What might have happened though, is the clutch bearing failure allowed some pieces of the clutch internals to cut into the wiring of the clutch coils causing a short which blew the main fuse, which then stopped the engine from running. If you were cutting at the time it might have seemed that the clutch stalled the engine but it was really just the engine dying.
The fuse location is supposed to be "behind the dash" (according to the owner's manual) and is a 20 Amp fuse.
If blown, replace it with a 20 Amp only, nothing bigger.

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Thank you for your help, I found the fuse and it was blown !! Replaced it and it fired right up...the bearings is what locked the clutch down and the shaft or the top of the engine would not turn...til after I removed the clutch and could see the bearings were falling out the top of the I guess it also blew the fuse..$250.00 electric clutch and a $3.00 box of fuse's and it's good to go !!! :)

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I could go pound my head on the wall...............never mind!
Glad you got it going.

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I feel for Ya mownie LOL

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I have always felt this forum (the threads and posts) is all about promoting support for the learning process....................and boy am I learning.

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If you choose to buy one of these, buy two of them; one for the shop and one to use. The best thing about this mower is the engine, which has proved very reliable. Everything else is made for mass marketing, and the quality of engineering is mediocre at best.

I just threw a tie rod, which makes the mower totally inoperable until I can get a new part. The tiny ball joint which holds the tie rod in place is insubstantial at best, and is designed to fail under vibration. Attention engineers: Lawn mowers vibrate.

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I would of done some online googling window shopping for the elect. clutch before I would of paid full price! Sometimes you can get up to 50% off retail by shopping around? got computer might as well use it to save some money every once in awhile?

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I have a 2008 DYT 4000 with a 18.5 OHV Intech motor and it seems to ether have too much compression or a weak starter. Does anybody have any ideas?

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pheonix - start a new thread - restate your problem - include the engine's model/type/code numbers all found on the engine's ID plate or stamped in the outer sheet metal shroud.

There are several responders on here who are experts on such problems - a new thread will make it easier for them to spot.

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Yes, it is the samo samo typical complaint for Briggs.
These engines require periodic valve adjustment to ensure the compression release functions as it should for ease of cranking.
Use the forum search feature to look for threads about Briggs valve adjustment and you will find resolution to this problem.
(search tool is at bottom of forum opening page)

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