Green Bunching Onions

retiredprof(7)April 21, 2009

Folks: Help me out here. This may be a "nomenclature" issue.

On another forum, a a member was bemoaning the fact that her Evergreen Bunching Onions were really hard to start from seed. I interpreted bunching onions to mean scallions, or green onions, as we call them here. I've found them slow to germinate as well.

I gently suggested she purchase a few bunches at the grocery store and cut the bottoms off to root and grow while she waits for the seeds to sprout. That's what I do anyway. The root parts start growing really fast and at least you have the tops to use while your sprouts grow.

The member's response was a surprise. Said she's not been able to find "bunching onions" in her grocery stores (in southern CT). Are we talking about the same thing or not? We don't call them bunching onions here.


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kiddo_1(NE OH 5)

Well, to me "White Bunching Onion" seeds that I buy (usually Burpee) are the same as the "Green Onions" that are sold (in bunches) at the supermarket. The are a type of onion that do not bulb up (a nice white swelling, but not a real bulb like a Walla Walla or some such thing). I start both types (bulbing and bunching) from seed.

Here's Wikipedia: "A scallion, also commonly known as spring onion, green onion, or salad onion." Here's a link with a pic.

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