Im a clutz!

tazdevyl1(z6 NJ)April 1, 2006

Well, I was outside doing a little spring cleaning. Pruning, chopping down trees, and ever so slowly getting rid of the beast that I accidentally unleashed last year. The "beast" is a wild grapevine. OOPS! As I was trying to pull the dead vines out of the tree, they would get stuck. So I tried to put one foot on the fence and pull. Nope. Next thing ya know, I was able to put both feet on the gate, and pretend like I was rock climbing! I said Ok I shouldnt have been able to do that. Figure Ill either climb the cherry tree or get a ladder and get them down that way. Oh and the ones that I DID manage to get out, I wound up punching myself in the eye! (No bruises. WHEW!)

So next went on to the wild rose bushes. Or something that had thorns. Well Im just cutting away, I go to move. OUCH! I look down the darn thing got stuck to me. I'd get that one off, another would stick. No matter where I walked I was surrounded. So I gave up on that. For now.

So then went on to chopping down the trees around the "compost" area. Luckily nothing got me there. However I DID manage to pull a tree out with the roots. A small tree of course. Hmm..can we say DEAD?? LOL

OH! I was cutting down the wild bushes where my roasting pans are now. Managed to get the roots, but ALMOST went flying backwards. Unfortunately I did step on the corner of the pan, but no harm done. Happened to be a pan with no sprouts yet.

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

I'm gearing up for splinters, cuts and bruises as well. Sounds familiar.

I'm thinking the original settlers must have been a mess.

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tazdevyl1(z6 NJ)

Well not really. The late next door neighbor's property and this one used to be one lot. It used to be farm land. The house here wasnt built until around 1978 or so I believe.

As for unleashing the beast, heres the back story to that. There was this tree in the backyard near the shed which none of us could stand. Anytime you walked by, you would get hit by it. I also believe it was a stinkweed tree? Not sure. But lemme tell you, it STUNK when it got cut down. So last year we had my friend come over with his chainsaw and chop the thing down. Well about 2 weeks or so later, theres this vine taking over fence any which way it could go. Well at first I was tracing the stems right into the left over tree stump, which I still think may be PART of the problem. But upon further investigation, I found a stump that had a bunch of old vines going any which way possible. Whether thats the source of the "beast" I dont know.

Also last year, when I was digging holes for the pumpkins, I accidentally came across steps IN THE GROUND. I believe they had a root cellar, which I think would make sense why there is a HUGE pit in my back yard, which is now being used as a compost area.

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I can relate. twisted my ankle cleaning up the back yard. Stupid hickory nuts. who would plant a hickory nut tree in a small back yard. by the time i get anything growing under it they fall again and everything is dead. Not to mention that it sounds like machine gunfire in the fall during storms.

lots of cuts and scraps and sore muscles to prove I was working in the yard this weekend. Of course my nails were looking good for the first time in years. Not any more.
Girl at work looked at my hands and said...."gardening time again?" lol


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