Husqvarna YTH2348 rides very slow

sjr74June 7, 2007

After doing a lot of research & reading the feedback on this forum, I purchased a Husqvarna YTH2348 from Lowes. It seemed like one of the best mowers in that price range.

After receiving the mower, I found that it ran very slow going forward. In fact it went faster in reverse than it did going forward. At first the repair shop said there was nothing wrong with it - that it just ran that way. I argued with them that it should drive over twice as fast going forward, they called back saying that they had ordered what I believe is a new rod pedal control.

I searched all over the internet but couldn't find anything mentioning this problem. I was wondering if anyone else had heard of this type of issue before.

I really like the mower and the reviews on it, but this situation is really bothering me. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I just bought one today, its being delivered this afternoon. I'll let you know about mine!

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presmudjo(z9 Osceola FL)

So how do these machines go? Are they slower than expected or what? Thinking of buying a similar Husqvarna model and am curious.

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I can't comment on the others, but my YTH2348 runs just fine. The spec sheet says the top speed is about 5.5 mph, and that feels about right from the seat. That seems to be about the standard forward speed for tractors of this class.

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I have enjoyed my new Husqvarna YTH20K46 for the last two months and it moves along just fine in forward or reverse. Just have 10 hrs. on it right now, been very dry here this year, but everything is going good with the mower and I am really enjoying useing it. It is a big upgrade from what I had.

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Sorry, I forgot to post my followup. I recieved my YTH2348, no slowness issues here. I added the mulch kit the other day, haven't tried it yet (its been rainy). My last mow was some thick, tall grass and it performed like a champ!

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I've been researching new mowers to replace my dear departed Craftsman. I read your inital message about your troubles with your Husqvarna, but after reviewing many of the the new mowers I bought a 2348 anyway. Hauled it home yesterday and set it up. This afternoon I mowed with it for the first time.

Guess what - slow in forward movement, a lot faster in reverse. Damndest thing I've seen.

I've been studying the owners manual to get smart on the drive train. did the shop say exactly what they repaired/replaced on yours?

Thanks for the help.

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I own the YTH-2148 and it goes really fast in forward but somewhat slowly (as expected) in reverse. The mower should move at a pretty crisp clip in forward. Sounds like something is wrong to me but I don't know what it could be. Good luck and keep us posted!

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tekumcman(Upstate SC)

If equipped with a Peerless 2000-006A....take to repair
shop for warranty inspection. The pump module could be
a problem and would be a warrantable repair/replacement
for the Authorized Dealer to do.


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i found a yth2348 with 71 hours on it at pawn shop, they wanted 1899.00, i got it out the door for 1081.00, works just fine, but does seem to move a little faster in has anyone fixed theirs, and what did you do, i am going to check for the peerless 2000-006a, what the heck ever that is, a little explanation for what i am looking for would be nice, anyways, great mower so far, i mow 2.5 acres in about 2.5 hours, so i guess it aint that slow, anyone pull reel mowers or other mowers at the same time, i am thinking of getting 2 cheap push mowers and pull them behind the rider ?? what you think

2.5 acres canton tx

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Any more uptodate info on this? I bought one yesterday that does the same thing.

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Jeeze, Mine goes fast enough in forward that my wife askes me to slow down. I would bet its the advertised 5 mph. I just mowed yesterday and used both forward and reverse with no problem. I haven't tryed to see how fast it will go in reverse but I only back as fast as I feel comfortable with. I wonder if something isn't hooked up backwards? Rod in wrong hole or something as simple as that.

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Many lawn/garden tractors have similar adjustments to the hydrostatic transmissions. On my Simplicity, I followed the rod connecting the forward pedal back to the transmission. That rod has an elongated slot in it, held in place by a 1/2" nut. To adjust, I had to remove the right side tire, loosen the 1/2" nut, and adjust by eye where the stop hit on the side of the case. Too much in one direction gave tremendous forward speed, and little to no reverse speed. Too much in the other direction gave me neck whipping reverse, and NO forward at all. This might be something ya'll can check into.

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Any new word on this problem. I have the same tractor. It is about 1 year old and has never seemed to run as fast in forward as reverse. I removed the wheel and there is no adjustment that I can see. It has also now got to where if going up any incline at all it does not have the power to go up it. Getting VERY frustated!

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It quit raining so I finaly checked mine and it goes faster forward than in reverse. It appears to me that the reverse speed is a little faster than I am comfortable with but forward is still faster. Have you checked with the shop? Good luck

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Any new info on this problem? I had the service guy come out and he gave me some B.S. story about how all are a little different, yada yada yada. Mine also from time to time has no drive power at all! Is there some module or something they need to replace?

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Husqvarna doesn't put adjustments on their tractors to save money. There is just too much variation in the hydrostatic transmission and the husqvarna chassis to make "one size fits all" control rod, however thats what you have. What transaxle does it have? There will be a sticker under the seat with either hydro-gear or tuff torq on it. Its more than likely the linkage and not the hydro either way. you may have to get creative with the linkage (lengthening or shortening) to get it right. you get what you pay for, that is doubly true for lawn and garden tractors

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I will look to see which I have tomorrow, but it sounds like you are saying I need to mess with the linkage anyway.
There were some other holes that looked like you could use to shorten or lengthen it, but they are too small. I thought about drilling them out.
This might fix the forward/reverse speed problem, but I think something else is wrong because there is sometimes hardley any drive power forward or reverse.

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Good luck to all of you. Same problem with mine. Brought mine to 3 shops. Noone could figure out the problem. Threw it out, out of pure fustration. Been in the market for a new mower for over a year now but hesitant to jump in based on the last experience.

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Mine is still under warranty. I am having them come back out tomorrow. I am expecting to get into it with the repair guy because it is B.S. that they are like this and it will be fixed or they can give me another one.

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Update: Different repair guy came out yesterday, tried several things to get it to run correctly and could'nt.
He ordered a new transmission and set up an appointment to install it in a couple of weeks. I was relieved that this one had some common sense unlike the last one. I will post again in a couple of weeks to let you know if the new transmission fixed the problem.

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can you let us know what transaxle you have?

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Update...The repair guy was back out today to install the new transmission. It did need one, but that did not fix the forward speed problem. At first he was like just try it awhile and see. I almost lost it. I told him there was no way I was going to do that. When he saw that I was getting very angry about this entire ordeal, he showed me something that just might be the problem. The rod that the forward and reverse pedals ride on has more reverse travel before hitting the limit stops. It is welded and not adjustable. He said that he would order another one because depending on where the weld is makes abig difference. I could visually see what he was talkng about. I think that I can do a little notching of the forward stop and get more pedal travel. I am going to give it a try.

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I've just discovered I must have the same kind of problem you have. Were you able to "notch" the stop so it would extend farther? Or was anyone able to do anything with the linkage to help the problem? If you were able to notch it and it helped, how did you get to the stop to notch it?

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While my 2348 doesn't go as fast as I would have expected, it's fast enough for my needs, and the difference between forward and reverse speeds is appropriate. On another note, after 17 hours of use, the bracket that holds the middle blade on the deck sheered off while engaging the blade. Once I got the bracket out, it was clear that 2 of the bracket cross members broke some time ago, and the other 2 just broke. Not sure why this would happen when cutting level bermuda sod. Not happy.

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Just bought a new (2009 on the boiler plate) yth23v48 and so far no problem with forward/reverse speeds. I'll re-post when the grass starts to grow here in upstate NY and I have some hours on it! Mine has the Tuff-Torq hydrostatic. In ref to the welding of the pedal on the shaft, I can't speak for the tractor itself but I also purchased the 48" triple bagger attachment and out of the box the welds (4 places) on the mount had been broken somewhere in transit! It says it was 'assembled in Georgia' so I assume that means welded there too. I sure hope the tractor itself was put together better than that! (Lowe's made good on replacing it) I can't wait to do some mowing with it!

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Last fall I pulled the 2348 into the shed and all was well. Sta-Bil in the gas, Battery Tender hooked up, etc. Yesterday I disconnected the transmission, rolled it outside and it started right up. Pushed the lever back in to re-engage the trans, hit the pedal and nothing. Won't move forward or reverse, doesn't even make noise. Any ideas?

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You need to check the lever (or a plunger) where the free wheel linkage finally reaches the transmission to see if perhaps the movement of the linkage (when you try to re-engage the lever) is not actually pushing the lever/plunger far enough to make it move into reach of the detent position.
Sometimes this happens because a section of linkage has bent.
Sometimes this can occur if pivoting locations (with pins) have become elongated from vibration wearing of the pivot parts.
And sometimes...........the free wheel valve lever itself might get "sticky" and fail to move completely back into the detent position for "drive mode".
In that last case scenario, a liberal spraying of WD-40 (or similar) on the lever/plunger where it emerges from the trans........and some push-in/pull out action of the linkage knob may get things into shape.

Also, if this is the first use this season and the unit was stored in the free wheel mode, refer to your owner's manual to the "purge trans" procedure. Long term storage in free wheel mode sometimes allows the hydro oil to drain out of the pump and motor sections inside the trans. If you fail to perform a purge trans procedure before using after long term storage, the air in the pump and motor will prevent operation of the trans.

If it seems there is nothing wrong with the linkage, check to make certain the trans belt has not jumped off (or broken) and if all that is good, do a purge of trans.

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Thanks, I'll give it a try. I fugure it has to be something simple as things don't just break just sitting still. At least I hope they don't!

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exffpm(Z7 USA)

Have any of you having trouble with your mowers checked to see which transmission you have (placard under seat?). The reviews/forums on the "Tuff Torq K46" as well as the "Hydro-Gear EZT" which are used in almost all lawn tractors in your price range are very disturbing! The complaints of MANY owners are identical to yours. I am seriously considering purchasing a manual transmission lawn tractor after reading them. JMHO.

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glynn(z7 MS)

I am helping a neighbor that owns the Husqvarna YTH2348 with the same "loss of drive" problem. We installed a new drive belt today, but it didn't fix the problem. If you remove the right rear wheel, you can get a better look at the transmission and see a small square headed bolt with a 11/16" lock nut on it. It looks like an adjustment screw or maybe a purge port. We adjusted it in and then out, with little or no effect. Did any of you ever resolve your slow or loss of drive problem? Thanks

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I have read where some folks have changed the fluid which seems to help. Changing the fluid requires removal of the unit though.

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reference to faster in reverse - I found the foreward pedal linkage hits the frame on the right side behind the engine and under the battery. The black frame sticks out toward the pedal 3/16" past the orange body. On my machine, I ground a notch in the black all the way to the orange. checked for clearance and ground a little into the orange. Now the machine runs about right in foreward. I had the machine torn apart and used a grinder, but this could be done with a dremel tool.
PS - the dealers and repair shop, and Husqvarna customer service have been blowing smoke up my butt since 7/07 on this issue. It works great now. Good luck

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Ok im a mechanic at a mower shop I had a Husqvarna come in with the same slow problem many of you are describing the problem is not with the transmission it is with the control rod tht links the forward and reverse pedals to the transmission there is a bend at the front of4 the control rod and if you are having this problem yours is not bent enough if u will Increase the amount of bend it will solve all of your problems

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I've got a 2348 also, and mine was getting slower in forward also.... acted like the hydrostatic drive was slipping or something.... I checked the "troubleshooting" list in my manual (page 28) "loss of drive", and the second item, "DEBRIS ON STEERING PLATE" was the problem.... 4 years worth of PACKED grass clippings hiding on top of the plate..... this is the area where the drive belt passes thru also, so the packed dried grass was the problem.... dug out all the grass with a wire and then got out the compressor and blasted the small stuff out..... fixed the problem.... I would not "bend the rod" to try to fix this problem...

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