Creeping Jenny with Easy Does It in container?

alina_1May 13, 2012

Hello rose experts,

I read that Easy Does It is a good compact rose to grow in a decent size container.

What if I plant golden Creeping Jenny with it? I like how CJ trails in containers. Would this be too stressful for the rose because CJ is too vigorous? I believe CJ's roots are shallow, so it should not compete with rose's roots.

Any thoughts?


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Campanula UK Z8

Well I often have additional plants in pots with my roses. For sure there is a little bit of extra competition but the small plants also act as a sort of living mulch and help to shade the roots. A pot is always a completely artificial environment which must be continually fed and watered and I find it no trouble at all to ensure any extra needs are met. I use bacopa, campanulas, felicia, small geraniums, orlaya, nemophila, limnanthes, trailing lobelia, plectranthus, convolvulous....oh, pretty much whatever takes my fancy. Oh, I often add little bulbs too.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Just keep an eye on it, and make sure both plants get adequate water.

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buford(7 NE GA)

I have CJ around a lot of my roses, I love its color. As long as you water regularly (since it's potted) you should be ok. Where I am CJ goes dormant in the winter.

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Thank you guys!

I will definitely keep my eye on roses planted in containers. I know that container plants need more attention.

CJ will survive no matter what: with water or without water, with fertilizer or without... I think it will survive planted in a bottle of Round-Up :)

Thanks again! I really appreciate your help!

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