Preventive Information for a John Deere LT-155

krnuttleJune 10, 2014

This spring when I serviced my JD LT-155, I noticed that the main belt for the drive system was starting to crack. (It is not holding up to well, it is only 10 years old ;-).

I went on the JD site and found the drawings for the belt, and understand I believe how it is routed. The one thing I do not understand is the adjustment of the one pulley in the idler arm. One pulley is is fixed, but the other fits into a slot. How do you adjust the pulley that goes in the slot.

To what point is the pulley placed in the slot to get proper operation?

As I said this is preventative, as when it breaks it will be on the slope in the front of my house. But when I have to replacement, I would like to know what to do.

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When you get ready to do the job, locate the compression spring in the clutching rod /link. It is ref 20 under section 27 in the IPL. When the tension is correct on the belt, the measurement of that spring should be 1.25" I believe. The Freindly Deere dealer may double check that for you. Or you could check the tension first. Is it super critical? No, but it does seem that they want more tension then what they were originally set up with. When you do the belt, check the idlers that they roll freely and don't feel worn.
While you are looking up there, note the position of the link where it hooks on the pedal tab. More than once, I've had it drop down further on that tab out of the slot. Best of luck.

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