Greylady-gardener, Do You Know About Lois Clubs?

lois(PA Zone 6)April 16, 2009

A friend at work told me about them.

Lois in PA

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Hi Lois!
Someone told me years ago about something like that, but it was probably before I had a computer. (this came into the house over my huge protests! :))(now it is me that uses it all the time)
Then I forgot about it and now you have reminded me, so I went to the site to have a look. I got a chuckle out of the name mix up true! I have been called 'Louise' or 'Lewis' all my difficult can four letters be!
Do you have a group nearby that you attend? I will have to take some time later on and look up the groups for Canada.
Although I have heard of others, I have only actually met about three or four other Lois' in my entire life; it would be interesting to see how many are nearby that I just don't run into.
thanks for pointing it out, and feel free to keep in touch! It can be our very own 'online' group for gardening Lois'!


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silverwind(z5 IL)

My grandmother was part of the Lois Club out here for years. :) (North of Chicago!) They'd have a wonderful time, getting together once or twice a month - sometimes more - for dinners or trips into Chicago for sightseeing and shows.

We've still got long strips of ribbon that she'd pinned all her buttons on, one from each event, and piles and piles of pictures. ^_^

-Beth (who is, herself, waiting for the fine day she's old enough to be allowed a Red Hat. ;) )

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lois(PA Zone 6)

Oh my, the Red Hat Club, another good one! Greylady-gardener, I know what you mean about the name mispellings... But on the other hand, we always know when I am getting a marketing call because the person asks for Lewis!

I used to wish I could have a beautiful name like Elizabeth, but now I like my name. It helps that I can say: "It's Lois, like Lois Lane, and (pointing to DH), there's my Superman!"

Lois in PA

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