Northerners, are you Cold?

drippy(7bAL)April 8, 2009

Is it just me? I am thinking that by this time in April I should be a little more comfortable, but I am really cold! I'm still wearing 2 or 3 layers of clothes, fingerless gloves (sometimes indoors!), and a heavy coat. I feel like it's never going to get warm in New England. Anyone else, or am I just being a weenie?

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PVick(6b NYC)

If you're a weenie, than I'm a weenie too! Can't seem to get warm at all. I'm not wearing the gloves inside, but sweats and socks is my uniform - even with the heat on!

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playintheyard(zn6 MA)

Yes I am still cold. Never w/ out blanket over lap!! Today should be about 60 and sunny but, must work hope you can get out and enjoy it!!


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Yep, I'm a weenie too! Still wearing my long johns and most days will find me with two pairs of socks, yuck! When the last kid moves out I'm packing up and heading south...I'm thinking sand, salt water, and a tiki hut!!LOL!!

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

I might be 1000 miles south of you but I'm still cold. I've been cold since the day I was born. I don't get warm until at least May- then I'll whine about being hot :-)

I'm still wearing thermals under my jeans many days.


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YES! Some one please open the north door to Florida...

The ground is still frozen here for pete's sake. And the snow drift in front of the house (north side) is still 6 inches deep.

I just can't take it anymore!
Ok, thanks for letting me vent.

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Drippy! How odd, my mom & I were just talking about this a couple of days ago. Yes, we're all still wearing turtlenecks, heavy sweatshirts, coats, gloves, and scarves.

The highs have been in the 50s, but the wind has been icy and unrelenting. Weatherguy is still blathering on about windchill factors. I wish he'd just shut up.

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Yep, we're still cold here in northern Michigan. The evenings still find me in wool socks and sheepskin slippers and sweatshirts over turtlenecks with heavy jeans are my daytime outfits. The only good thing about it is that it gives me more time to get my winter sowing done! I didn't start until April 26th last year. At best, I may be able to beat that date by a week this year. My winters have been taken over by quilting, but April sowing seems to work just fine. For anything that needs cold stratification, I just leave the seeds in the garage until I'm ready to plant them. My thriving perennial beds have made many of you grandparents several times over and I still lurk here even though I don't have much to post. Stay warm - spring will come - even to us in the cooler zones.


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littleonefb(zone 5, MA)

Yup, I'm a weanie too Drippy.

I'm freezing and further north in MA than you are. Darn the temp right now is 35 degrees and this is April?

Earlier today, we had rain mixed with snow and my darn furnace is pumping away as if it where DEC.

OK, so I do remember our April fools day snowstorm too. Only too well. It took me 4 hours to make a 35 minute ride home from Boston College that day. Then another hour, just to get the driveway opened up on the street end to try and pull in the driveway.
But that was back in 1997.

Only comfort I have is I only have 2 of my WS containers germinated yet. That means that this spring has been even colder than last April. I had lots of containers germinated last year by this time.

On the other hand, we got freezing cold temps in May and I lost several containers of seedlings.

SO, does anyone think this is "mother natures" attempt at reminding us that we are trying to play with mother natures work in WS? and she's telling us that it won't work, try all we want to use her ability to germinate seeds the way we do and she will still throw a monkey wrench into the plans?

That's what my daughter thinks and we are suffering because of it, on the other hand she says to still WS cause she likes the gardens the way they look and the veggies that are far better than the plants I used to buy long, long time ago.


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I'm normally a hot weenie but, I have to admit, I've been a cold weenie this year. I think it's because I'm home all day now and still have the thermostat dialed back to conserve heat. Of course, I have the Vermont Stove blazing away in the Florida room where I hang out.

Makes a lot of sense...


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Hehehe Prof...a Vermont stove in a Florida room!!

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I am sitting here with my jacket on in the house. Brr. It will probably get warm here the day after I move. Brrr.

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it has been cold and it seems like forever. I am in my jacket too.
Things are growing though there is hope... still cold...positive thinking does not help... time to go under my blankie...

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clc70(8 Wa.)

We had snow this week. It's the middle of April for cripes sake! we've had more snow this year than wev'e had for at least 20 years.

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The days aren't bad but the evenings are quite chilly going below the freezing mark. I long for a week when I don't have to go to leave for work and darn it!! - got to scrape that windshield off again! UGH!!

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Ah yes, blankies - I have 3 plus a quilt on my bed - DH just rolls his eyes...

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