craftsman 42in deck lawn tractor drive belt problem

foxyroxy111298June 12, 2009

Hi! I am replacing the main drive belt (from the engine to transmission) on a craftsman 42 in deck lawn tractor (its an old one). but now im having probems putting a new one on. since i forgot how the old one came off.. and i cant find any diagram. the only one on the tractor is of the deck belt to the blades. can anyone please help me? im not usre what im doing wrong. it used to be when you push the cutch down it wouldt move but when u let go it does, but now its the opposite, the belt is rubbing on things and squeals, so something is definitely wrong. any help is greatly appreciated

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Somewhere on that tractor is a plate with the model number, serial number, etc. It's often found on the underside of the tilting seat pan. The model number will take the form of xxx.xxxxxxx.... like "917.243500" or similar.

Go to the Sears parts webpage, enter that model number and then take a look at the exploded parts list diagram for the mower deck. Chances are you will be able to see how the belt is meant to be routed. Also - while at that website - you MAY be able to download a copy of the owner's manual for that machine.

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I went to that page before. It just shows a belt, but not how its routed and Im not sure where to download any manual. When i went to look for a manual, it was going to charge me $11. I was hoping just to find a free diagram

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Care to share that model number here ? Lotsa different craftsman 42 inch lawn tractor models made in the past. Mebbe someone can help with that extra info....

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It can't be that hard to figure out.

There is usually a diagram somewhere on the tractor.

I assume it is either missing or too well hidden?

At the most there should only be 5 pulleys under there for the transmission drive.

The front drive pulley (@ the engine) and the driven pulley (@ the transmission) and both should be obvious.

That only leaves three to deal with between the front and rear end pulleys.

On one side between the drive and driven pulleys, (the return side where the belt goes towards the engine from the transmission also where the power is transmitted and the belt is tight when running) there should one solidly mounted guide pulley.

On the other side between the drive and driven pulleys (where the pulley goes from the engine towards the transmission and has some slack that can be taken up with a tensioner), their should be the two tension pulleys.

One pulley that is spring loaded creating the tension and one pulley near it that the tension is levered against.

So all you have to do is find the one (or 2) pulley that are mobile, or spring loaded and can move.
One will have the "V" grove and one will be flat for the back of the belt.

Just pull the tension pulley, slide the belt between the two pulleys with the correct side facing the corresponding pulley face, and let the tension pulley pull the belt tight.

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Many have the diagram under the footrest...

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***"I am replacing the main drive belt (from the engine to transmission) on a craftsman 42 in deck lawn tractor (its an old one)."***
Want a specific answer? Provide some "specific data", like the "asked for" Model number.

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