are there any winter sowers here that did not

moonphase(z7 Ga)April 4, 2009

Hi to all my old friends that have been around for a while and hope to get to meet all the newbies now.I had to big bags of miacle grow in the breakfast room,got alot of seeds out that I planned to sow-then WHAM,MY oldest daughter went into liver and kidney failure and we almost lost her,but after batteling for about 2 weeks of coma,she started responding and now is starting to heal,then my first husband of 20 yrs and my kids dad died march 13 of a anyurisum sp? and now,I just got home yesterday from 8 days in the hospital with pneumonia,and my doc finaally sent me home.The fever is gone but the white blood cells are right back up there where they were..and I want to cry now because I want to ws so much but am too weak.I have 6 big bags of lilies and 5 azaleas I bought in between things and I am to tired to get them in the ground.

well that is how 2009 is treating me...and I have missed I will go and read what you all have been planting.


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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Oh, moonphase, what sadness you have had this year. Hugs to you. Sometimes a good cry gets out some of the frustration. I am glad that your daughter is better and you are home from the hospital.

Lilies and azaleas can stay in pots for some time. Hope you can get someone to pot them up until you are able to plant them out or that they can plant them for you.

Please take care of yourself first. Remember that most seeds do not need cold strat and can still be sown during the spring and summer and fall. Perhaps someone can bring the materials to a table and you can sit in a chair and sow some seeds.

Hope you continue to read and post while you are gathering your strength. I find the joy, excitement, photos, and humor of many of the posts help lift my spirits.

You and yours are in my prayers.

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I'm happy to hear from you Moonphase and hope that you and your family find health and much better days in 2009. I happened upon an old post of your's the other day and was wondering about you.

Is there anyone you can ask to help you with the Lilies? I know the Azaleas can wait as long as they don't dry out. If there's anyone offering help or that you can ask, then go ahead. It's your time to do so. I wish I was there with shovel in hand...

Keep in touch and take care. Big HUG!!

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Moonphase, I'm so sorry about all your troubles! Glad to see you back. I agree with Tiffy, I wish I was your neighbor so I could help too!!

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Moonphase, you have my prayers and sympathies! You know that we would all be there in a heartbeat if we could--maybe you could do a search for other gardeners in your zip code (or nearby zip codes) and ask them for help? Surely they'd be great company, if nothing else!!

"If birds of a feather flock together, then gardeners surely know how to dig in each others' dirt."

In response to you question, there are a number of things that I didn't get wintersown, and I don't think that they would even qualify at this point--we're due for a week of above freezing temps, and so anything that sprouts now might be too early for my area! We get hard frosts and freezes all the way to the end of May sometimes. Those babies can be started inside, where they can keep you company, and then you can talk to your sprouts, as so many of us do!

God bless, and hang in there!

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lois(PA Zone 6)

Hi moonphase,

Greetings from a new-ish wintersower in PA. Hang in there and focus on getting well and stronger. You have been through so much, like a tree coming through a bad winter. Rest up and be good to yourself. This is the time to spoil yourself with good books, comfort food, and naps in the middle of the day.

PS: I still have seeds I have not sown, too.

God bless,

Lois in PA

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Moonphase, I am sending positive vibes your way tonight. Hoping to see you in next year's Theme Garden Swap.

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Moonphase, I just got around to sowing my seeds just a week or so ago. I didn't have any near as good as excuse as you! I only have about 10 containers or so...I'm almost ashamed to admit that on this board, I might have a set a record for the least amount of containers!

I'm glad your daughter is doing better and you are home. I hope you are feeling better now too.


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