Spring was here and now it's gone...

lblack61(z5 NY)April 5, 2006

...It's left it's name to carry on...

That's how I feel today. I've been in a crappy mood because it's too cold to do anything in the yard. I can't even stand outside to look at containers that I know have sprouts in them so I can put their germ date on my list.

I am cranky without a hoe.


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singingcrk(z6 KY)

Well, we had beautiful weather today, but I have a "spring cold", and don't feel like doing diddly, not even checking for sprouts. My whole head feels stuffed up. Probably why I've been rambling around on here tonight.
I wish you some of our weather soon! I'm off to bed, gotta clean house big time in the morning :o)

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marie_of_roumania(z6 MA)

it's going to drop to 28 degrees tonight.

we are not amused.

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lblack61(z5 NY)

We sure weren't!
I know I live in Upstate Ny, but it doesn't prevent me getting aggravated about the weather in the Spring. I'm itching to plant out things I've started indoors and I can't, because I know anything is game at this point.
It is a nice day today. I'm trying to just keep things in order, get ready to recieve a load of dirt and manure, and just kinda bide my time.
I hope it doesn't get THAT cold again until the Fall.

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