Zepherine Drouhin rose vine

kandhi(z7VA)May 6, 2012

I bought 2gallon pot size Zepherine Drouhin last April, it grew this big and blooming very well now. Upon reading some forums on this rose, some say it does not reblomm unlike other rose vines. Please share your experiences with this vine and it's care. The fragrance is very strong and I can smell it everywhere on my deck.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Zepherine Drouhin does rebloom but not with any regularity and never again with as many blooms as the spring flush. Still, there will be blooms, so it's not strictly a spring bloomer.

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Great picture of a wonderful rose---wonderful fragrance----some rebloom for me but not like that first spring flush--


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Crazy bloom in the spring and then scattered blooms during the summer. In the fall it blooms fairly good but not like spring. Get ready for next spring. Your bush will be bigger and more mature. I like how you have it. You get to enjoy it first hand. Not out in a garden or on the side of your house away from your back deck.

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seil zone 6b MI

It's lovely! And like Ken said it will get much taller! That's why they're called climbing roses not vines too. I'd say to keep doing what ever you're doing because it sure does look healthy and happy!

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Thanks everyone. Yeah, it sure is not a vine, it is a climber and I like the fact of not having thorns so it is safe to have around the deck. In my one year experience this is what I have noticed with this plant:
heavy bloomer in early spring
strong fragrance that wafts
beautiful big blooms

prone to yellowleaves, brownspots
pest problem, I see small green catterpillars during specific season, very hard to get rid of them
does not rebloom as much as its 1st spring bloom
gets out of control if not pruned(I think that is the case with many climbers)

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seil zone 6b MI

A lot of roses are prone to black spot disease. If it isn't too bad and the rose doesn't completely defoliate you don't NEED to do anything about it. If it bothers you there are fungicide sprays that you can use to keep it clean.

Bugs are everywhere and all roses are susceptible to them. And yes, they each have their season as well as their own regions to grow in. If you want to spray for those you need to ID the specific insect you have and find the correct spray for that one. A number of them can be controlled with just a good hard spray from the hose though. That's why it's very important to know which one you are dealing with.

Spring flush is usually the biggest bloom time on all roses. The plant has been dormant for a while and once it starts growing again it puts a big push on the produce blooms. After that it doesn't have the need to bloom so massively so blooms become sporadic.

When you train your climber try to stretch the canes horizontally as much as possible. This will increase the growth of lateral branches and that will increase your bloom!

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lou_texas(8a N Central TX)

Kandhi, the older my ZD gets, the more rebloom I get. Of course, I don't expect any rebloom to match the Spring bloom. I have, however, seen an increase from what I got the first few years. Lou

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Please tell me, what do you do to it to get it to look so lovely! Mine is in its 6th year, bloomed one spring and about four last summer, this spring - nothing. I am threatening her with shovel pruning. I fertilize her regularly with alfalfa tea. and amabout running out of options. She is in a south-western exposure.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

what zone are you in rosarama?

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Thanks for the tips Seil and Lou.
Rosarama, I use dynagro folage pro organic fertilizer and use neem oil for pests to take care of my roses.

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I'm in Zone 9a-b - Central Florida,Orlando area and the plant looks very healthy, just won't bloom

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Florida soils are frequently nitrogen deficient, especially if you mulch heavily.

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