Bald Cypress not leafing out?

pcanApril 12, 2012

Hello tree folks!

I have 2 bald cypress trees. 1 is in a pot in my pond about 24" tall and the other is in a very moist location of my yard about 7' tall.

The little one I purchased last year and it did well in the pond the big one I purchased a month or so ago in dormancy.

We have had a very warm winter (like a zone 8a) and warm spring. I am concerned as neither show any signs of leafing out. No small buds or anything. Is this normal? Our average temps have been in the high 60's low 70's during the day and low to mid 40's at night for the last month. We have been in the low 80's a few times since the end of March.

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I forgot to mention both are in full sun and the pond water has been ranging between 55 degrees and 70 degrees.

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I will say they look pretty dead until the buds rapidly start popping up and breaking. I would think yours should be well on their way, though. Mine broke dormancy the 17 of March this year.

Your description of the pot in the pond is confusing. Can you post pics?


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I have done the scratch test and they are both green inside. Here is a pic of the one in the pond. It is the little guy in the closest pot on hte right side of the pic, this was taken last year right after purchasing it:

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I also forgot to mention I purchased them both from my favorite local nursery who are well known for their quality plants and also have a money back guarantee on all their products.

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I have one about 10ft tall and leafed out last week. Not in water. Give it some more time.

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Given the temps that you've mentioned, I would have expected them to be budding at least. Have they had to deal with cold nights? But, I agree, if they are still green in the scratch test, they should sprout out. (Here, they have budded out and started to expand--maybe a week behind the Dawn Reds.) Been lucky this year, the little ones I got bare-rooted and planted up a couple of weeks ago are budding--have had trouble in the past with transplanting these from bare-rooted plants. Good luck!

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