rip husky 2548, long live kubota bx25

noworries(Z9 CA)June 6, 2013

Let's face it, I didn't check the oil. The Husky had been used recently mostly by my son and a neighbor kid to mow, but it died on my watch with my butt in the seat after I'd turned the key to "start."

It didn't quite throw a rod, but upon consuming the last of the oil it did make a lot of rod knock noise and deposit flecks of shiny metal on the smoking dipstick. So, I rebuild the motor, replace the motor, or replace the tractor. I did a needs analysis.

My five acres has about three undeveloped ones that need mowing several times a year until the sun dries it all out enough to let me free from mowing. I bought the Husky initially to do that. Then, I replaced the turf tires with proper tractor tires and added 100# of weight to each rear wheel for traction in the wet and keep from getting stuck. I bought a Johnny Bucket to move material around, added Bear Linear electric actuators to make it useable, and wasted money on a box scraper and a light pointy thing that's supposed to make furrows behind the machine. As for mowing, I'd never really been too happy with the mower. It was really designed to discharge upward into a collection unit and tends to clog in normal use.

I'd bought that box scraper, furrow tool and Johnny Bucket for reasons. I need that kind of equipment to manipulate the ground and move material. However, the implements and the tractor just aren't heavy enough to do the job. Its kind of like those little claw hammers that won't drive a nail that they hand to five-year old kids at the box store events. Its not the kid's problem, there just isn't enough mass in the hammer to function as intended for other than carpet tacks. I guess I don't have a carpet tack property.

After stopping by Sears and the local lawn equipment stores looking around, I went to my local Kubota dealer. I wish I'd done so years ago. Any day now a BX25D will show up with backhoe, a box scraper that weighs enough to move dirt, and a 60" rear discharge finish cut mower that hangs off the Cat 1 three point hitch. Its got a diesel engine, 4-wheel drive, power steering and a real front loader.

In the interim the dealer let me borrow a BX2670 with the mower so I could finish my seasonal mowing before it all turns to a fire hazard.

I'm in field mowing heaven. That rear mower follows along right behind the tractor. I can stick it in under trees and generally just enjoy mowing again. It's like having a zero-turn mower and a tractor. I'll never go back to a MMM again for field work.

I can't wait for my tractor and the other implements to arrive. Long live Kubota.

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tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)

Noworries, great story. Yeah, I have Kubota too.

But what i have and seems you don't have is a book that keeps track of oil changes. I have all the machines in The book: tiller, chainsaws, trimmers, tractors, edgers, etc.

Just write it down NoWorries, and your worries will be gone.

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be forewarned... :) don't just hop on thet big Kubota's seat and start doin... Best get in the habit of religiously chkg thet oil dipstick before cranking 'er up.... OTW mucho $$$$$....

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